Switching broadband deals can save you a packet, new research reveals

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You've probably suspected it in the past, but now comes the research to back it up. Broadband providers are taking advantage of the loyalty of their customers to the potential cost of hundreds of pounds a household, according consumer charity Which?.

Specifically users whose contracts have ended but remain with the provider appear to be losing out. The problem is that some introductory deals will end and then bump up the monthly charge without the paying customer either noticing or realising why. In nearly all cases they have the option at that stage to seek a better deal.

TalkTalk was singled out as having nearly 90 percent of customers staying loyal for 3 years or more. In some cases costs were bumped by as much as 54%, which is about £162 per year.

“Broadband customers will be outraged to discover that their reward for loyalty is often a substantial price hike, with no improvement to the quality of service they are getting," said Alex Neill, Which? Managing Director of Home Services. “Anyone who thinks they might be out of contract should look to switch to a better deal - a few minutes of your time could potentially save you hundreds of pounds a year.”

Switch to bag the best broadband deals

Fret not though, as that's where TechRadar's deal hunting skills can help. If you're one of those people affected, you can change to a better deal as there are lots of great offers out there.

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