Smartwatch deals: B&H offers a huge $120 price cut on the Samsung Galaxy Watch

Smartwatch deals samsung galaxy watch sale price
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If you're looking to start off your year with some great, useful tech, we've spotted one of the best smartwatch deals we've seen in a while over at B&H Photo.

Right now the 2018 Samsung Galaxy Watch (LTE) is going for just $179.99 - a hefty $120 discount and a great price on the LTE version especially, which will allow you to talk, text, and stream without the aid of your phone thanks to its cellular capabilities.

The Samsung Galaxy Watch was an instant classic upon release back in 2018 and remains a fantastic choice if you're looking for a watch that can do both fitness, lifestyle, and media capabilities. Sure, it's not quite as slim as the brand new Galaxy Watch 3, but considering it's still running on the same processor, and you won't be able to get an LTE version of the Galaxy Watch 3 for anywhere near this price, this is a decent smartwatch deal.

You may be wondering - where is the Galaxy Watch 2? Well, actually there isn't one, instead, Samsung opted to give the '2' moniker to the Galaxy Watch Active 2. Confusing we know, but essentially in a nutshell this particular smartwatch deal is on the original Samsung Galaxy Watch - an older device now, but still an excellent choice that was a regular on our list of the best smartwatches before later iterations took its place.

Smartwatch deals: Samsung Galaxy Watch at B&H

Samsung Galaxy Watch (LTE, 44mm): $299

Samsung Galaxy Watch (LTE, 44mm): $299 $179.99 at B&H Photo
Save $120 -
Despite being a couple of years old now, the original Samsung Galaxy Watch is still an excellent smartwatch. An instant classic upon release, the Galaxy Watch has a massive host of fitness and health apps, AMOLED display, and full Samsung Pay support. This deal especially is an absolute steal for the LTE version, which will allow you to call and text without needing your phone either. 

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