Save up to $30 on new Echo and Echo Dot bundles in the early Amazon Prime Day sales

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The new Amazon Echo has barely been available for pre-orders for a week now, but that hasn't stopped Amazon itself from offering some awesome introductory Echo deals and Echo dot deals ahead of this year's Amazon Prime day sale.

Right now, you can save $20 off the price (opens in new tab) of two new Echo Dots when pre-ordered together, or $30 off the price (opens in new tab) of two new Amazon Echos. To get your neat $20 saving on a new Echo Dot bundle, all you need to do is use the code DOT2PACK at checkout, and voila, your pre-order is now sorted. Likewise, for the new Echo, all you need to do is use the code ECHO2PK at checkout.

Note - the current release date on both models is set for October 22 currently, so while there's a little bit of a wait, it won't be too long until you can get your hands on a new Amazon Echo.

Being the newest iterations of the best-selling Amazon Echo smart speaker range, you can be sure that these small (but powerful) devices will be exceptionally popular this Holiday season. Sporting a rather bulbous, but quite endearing, spherical design, the new Echo comes with a brand new upgraded speaker and smart hub functionality, while the Echo Dot's upgrades are mostly aesthetic.

Even though these deals are very much in the build-up to this year's Amazon Prime Day sales event, the good news is these particular New Echo promotions are available to everyone, not just Amazon Prime members. That means you don't even need to sign-up (even though the trial is free (opens in new tab)) to get your home all kitted up with the next generation of Amazon's awesome smart speakers. 

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The new Amazon Echo and Echo Dot: save on two

All-new Echo Dot (4th gen): $100 (opens in new tab)

All-new Echo Dot (4th gen): $100 $70 for two with code DOT2PACK (opens in new tab)
Amazon's new Echo Dot is barely off the production line but it's already the target of an absolutely stellar pre-Amazon Prime Day sale. Use the Code DOT2PACK at checkout to save a whole $20 on a second device this week and fully kit out your new smart home setup.
Ships October 22.

All-new Echo (4th Gen): $199 (opens in new tab)

All-new Echo (4th Gen): $199 $169 for two with code ECHO2PK (opens in new tab)
The new Amazon Echo sports a rather fetching spherical design to accommodate a brand new speaker, plus a whole host of brand new smart hub features. Use the code ECHO2PK at checkout to cut a whole $30 off your second device this week at Amazon and upgrade your smart home setup for less.
Ships October 22.

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