Samsung's new foldable phone is almost definitely called the Galaxy Z Flip

The Samsung Galaxy Fold
The Samsung Galaxy Fold (Image credit: Aakash Jhaveri)

For a while there we were a little confused as to what the foldable phone set to launch alongside the Samsung Galaxy S20 phones would be called – Galaxy Fold 2, Galaxy Bloom, Galaxy Z Flip – but new information makes us almost certain the latter is correct.

This information comes from the Samsung website itself, hence us saying this is 'almost certain'. In the Romanian-region online Samsung store you can find a Galaxy Z Flip protective case , which is still listed as of writing, although there doesn't seem to be a picture of it at all.

This comes just a day after the Samsung Galaxy S20 name was accidentally confirmed on Samsung's website in a few regions too, so it seems the company really is in its final stages of preparation for the launch event.

The fact Samsung itself is selling cases for a 'Galaxy Z Flip' almost definitely confirms this will be the name of the new folding handset, not any of the others we've been hearing.

It's therefore likely, then, that 'Galaxy Bloom' was, as we were hearing the whole time, the internal code name for the phone (at one point some rumors suggested this would be the final name), and the 'Galaxy Fold 2' moniker will be reserved for a true Samsung Galaxy Fold successor later in 2020.

What's with the Z?

The name 'Samsung Galaxy Z Flip' might have one letter too many, as the reason we were uncertain about the 'Z Flip' name to begin with is that it doesn't make much sense.

Firstly, if the leaks are even remotely correct, the Galaxy Z Flip doesn't actually fold in a Z-pattern with two hinges, like some other rumored foldable phones are set to. In addition, there hasn't been an A Flip to Y Flip, and this phone isn't zombie-themed, so it's a little curious why the letter Z is here at all.

Perhaps Samsung will have a logical reason for us when it announces its new products at Samsung Unpacked on February 11. That's when we're expecting to see the Galaxy Z Flip, as well as plenty of other phones, so stay tuned to TechRadar for all the latest news and rumors.

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