Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 battery life may beat the company's other Android tablets

Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Lite
Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Lite (Image credit: Future)

Leaks of the Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 have started with some sources claiming it may land alongside the Galaxy Note 20 at the start of August, and we're also starting to learn some of the specs that may be included.

The latest leak suggests the upcoming tablet will come with a larger battery cell than last year's Galaxy Tab S6.

According to a certification document spotted by MySmartPrice, the Galaxy Tab S7 may have a 7,760mAh cell packed inside. The Galaxy Tab S6 featured a 7,040mAh cell, which would mean around a 10% increase in 2020's product.

This comes from a similar source to one that identified there may be a Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 Plus in development. That larger slate could launch alongside the Galaxy Tab S7.

The exact specs we will see on this - or even the standard Galaxy Tab S7 - aren't entirely clear yet. We'd expect it to come with the top-end Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 chipset and one leak has suggested the Galaxy Tab S7 Plus will feature a 12.4-inch display with the Galaxy Tab S7 set to get an 11-inch screen.

As the specs aren't entirely clear yet, the big battery may mean that Samsung is packing in some more features such as a higher resolution display that will be demanding on the battery. That may be Samsung's reasoning for increasing the size of the cell included, or Samsung may just want to improve overall battery life. 

In our review of the Galaxy Tab S6, we said, "it will comfortably stand up to a pretty intensive day, and it’s certainly competitive with the iPad Pro 11 (2018)." That's some suitable battery life, but it would be even better if Samsung could increase that even further.

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