Samsung's next iPad Pro rival, the Galaxy Tab S7, might get a Plus-sized sibling

Samsung Galaxy Tab S6
Samsung's Galaxy Tab S6 (Image credit: Future)

We're expecting the Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 to be unveiled in late-2020 and while that expectation is mainly due to precedent, leaks have started and we've now heard a Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 Plus might be coming too.

This news comes from MySmartPrice that found Bluetooth certification listings including a Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 Plus. That's a tablet we hadn't heard anything about until now.

No additional specs or details are included in the listing (other than the fact it'll have Bluetooth, but in 2020 that's to be expected), but the mere presence of the tablet can tell us a thing or two about the non-Plus device.

What makes it Plus?

Samsung has been positing its main-line Galaxy Tab S line as iPad Pro rivals, so we'd expect the Galaxy Tab S7 Plus to be its most succinct attempt to upset Apple in the slate market.

We've heard the Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 will come in 12.4-inch and 11-inch versions, and it's possible the larger of those sizes will be sold as the Tab S7 Plus, while the smaller will be the 'standard' Tab S7.

It's not clear if there will be any spec differences between the two tablets, but it's likely the Tab S7 Plus will have some edge over the other device. That may be higher-storage options or more RAM. 

We've heard the Tab S7 will have 5G connectivity, but it's possible that'll be limited to the Plus model too.

This is all speculation though, as without any official confirmation or even leaks detailing the two tablets, we can't really know how different they'll be. The Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 is expected to launch in early August, alongside the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 and Galaxy Fold 2, so perhaps we'll learn more then.

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