Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite and Note 10 Lite prices finally leaked

The Samsung Galaxy S10e (above) could have competition from the S10 Lite (Image credit: Future)

Following numerous leaks, one of the last and biggest remaining questions we had about the Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite and Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Lite was how much they might cost, and now we have an idea.

Datart (a Slovakian retailer) posted the possible prices in Euros on its online store, listing the Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite as €669 (around $740/£565/AU$1,090) and the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Lite as €609 (roughly $675/£510/AU$990).

The store also, for what it’s worth, had the Samsung Galaxy A51 listed at €375 (approximately $415/£315/AU$610) and the Galaxy A71 down at €469 (around $520/£395/AU$760), with all four phones supposedly releasing on December 27.

Now, it’s worth taking this with a serious side of salt, as those prices could easily just be placeholders, and even if they are real, it won’t be an exact conversion from euros to other currencies.

The listings (which were originally spotted by GalaxyClub) appear to have been removed though, which does suggest they might have been real prices – just ones that weren’t supposed to be up yet.

Lite in name only

They’re prices which would – at least in Europe – make the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Lite substantially cheaper than the standard Samsung Galaxy Note 10, but would mean the Galaxy S10 Lite could be in the odd position of costing around the same amount as the Samsung Galaxy S10, as that phone has been reduced since launch. We may then see a similar situation elsewhere.

Costing a similar amount to the standard S10 wouldn’t necessarily make the Galaxy S10 Lite an unappealing prospect though, because leaks suggest it has a bigger 6.7-inch screen and a larger 4,500mAh battery, along with the same high-end Snapdragon 855 chipset and a triple-lens camera.

We should know for sure soon, especially if this December 27 release date is accurate, though note that another source suggests the S10 Lite and Note 10 Lite won’t land until January – at least in India.

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