Samsung Galaxy Note 10 cases suggest there won’t be a headphone port

The Samsung Galaxy Note 9.
The Samsung Galaxy Note 9. Image credit: TechRadar (Image credit: Future)

A lot of details have been leaked about the Samsung Galaxy Note 10, but one thing we’re not at all sure of is whether there will be a 3.5mm headphone port, as some rumors say there will be one and others say there won’t. Today, we’ve got more evidence in support of the 'it won’t' camp, in the form of protective case renders.

Shared by Sudhanshu Ambhore on Twitter, the images show the top and bottom edges of a case seemingly designed for the Samsung Galaxy Note 10, and there’s no sign of a headphone port.

There is also just one speaker visible, though that doesn’t mean you won’t get stereo sound, as on the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 the earpiece acted as a second speaker, so we’d expect the same to be true here.

Other details that you can make out in the cases include the long-rumored triple-lens camera, a slot for the S Pen and a hole for what’s apparently an 'infrared blaster' – whatever that means.

We would take these images with a pinch of salt. The source doesn’t have as much of a track record as some leakers, and case renders aren’t always accurate. These do seem to largely match a previous leak, but that could just mean they’re based on said leak.

As for the headphone jack, the source of the confusion could be the fact that there are seemingly two Note 10 models in the works – the standard one and a Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Pro. So it might be that one lacks the jack and the other has it.

Indeed, most of the leaks that say there isn’t one, seem to be talking about the standard Note 10, while at least one image suggesting the presence of a headphone jack is of the Note 10 Pro. But then again, another source has specifically said that both models will have the port, so even the multiple-model theory doesn’t totally explain the disagreements.

This mystery should be solved soon though, as the Galaxy Note 10 range is expected to land in August. We’ll be sure to update you as soon as we hear anything new.

Via GSMArena

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