Ring’s latest alarm add-on can detect the sound of breaking glass

The Ring breaking glass sensor - an add on for the brand's smart alarm system - installed on a wall
(Image credit: Ring)

Ring, which made its name in home security cameras and video doorbells, has unveiled an add-on to its smart alarm system that will alert you if it identifies the sound of breaking glass. The Ring Alarm Glass Break Sensor uses AI to distinguish between the sound of a window or glass door being smashed and false alarms such as keys being jingled or crockery clattering when you’re emptying the dishwasher. 

The Ring Alarm Glass Break Sensor is a compact white circular device that can be mounted to a wall or ceiling and can detect the sound of breaking glass from up to 25 feet / 7.5 meters away. If it detects glass being broken it will send an alert to your smartphone and give you the option to trigger both the alarm’s indoor and outdoor siren, if you have these installed, even if the alarm isn’t armed.  

The Ring Alarm Glass Break Sensor is priced at $39.99 / £35 (about AU$55) and will go on sale on February 16. It’s available to pre-order now in the US, although in the UK you can only register your interest at present. The Ring Alarm isn’t currently available in Australia. 

Opinion: bridging the gap between a smart alarm and a monitored service 

Smart alarm systems are more affordable and easier to install than traditional burglar alarms. Motion and contact sensors connect wirelessly to a main base station, instead of needing cables running all around your home, so they can be self-installed rather than needing the services of a professional.  

When it comes to alerts, they use your Wi-Fi network to send a notification to your smartphone if any of the sensors are activated, allowing you to take the appropriate action such as calling the emergency services. Ring, along with brands such as Abode and Simplisafe, do offer a professional monitoring service via a monthly subscription, but it’s not necessary to subscribe to these in order to use these brands’ alarms, unlike with many traditional systems. 

The glass-break sensor adds another layer of security, alerting you to potential intrusions in areas where you might not have a motion or contact sensor installed. Its low price also makes it an affordable way to beef up your home security setup. 

Ring is an Amazon-owned company and given that Amazon's smart speakers and smart displays in the US already have access to a feature called Alexa Guard Plus, which listens for the sound of breaking glass as well as footsteps when it's armed, adding a similar feature to its smart alarm is a logical step, especially in territories such as the UK where Guard Plus isn’t available. 

Carrie-Ann Skinner

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