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Amazon prime day: audible deals free audiobooks
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Amazon Prime Day is coming early for audiobook lovers this year with some absolutely fantastic Audible deals on both the standard Plus plan free trial complete with two free book tokens, and the 12-month Premium Plus plan - available for just $99.50 right now.

Before you get all excited, we have to remind you - both of these awesome Amazon Prime Day Audible deals are for existing Amazon Prime members only. Not to fret though, because you can also sign-up for a free trial for Amazon Prime right here too. It's a great time to do so as well since this year's Amazon Prime Day deals are only two weeks away.

Audible Plus is a brand new, more economically minded set of plans from the leading audiobook service. With the new Plus plan, you forgo the free monthly audiobook token that you got with the subsequent entry-level 'Gold' tier for unlimited access to a new library of over 11,000 titles. Of course, with this new Amazon Prime Day promotion you're still bagging yourself two free book tokens here, getting the best of both worlds.

Our second Audible Amazon Prime Day deal is for a whole year of the new Audible Plus Premium membership for just $99.50 - a whole $50 off the standard price. The new Audible Premium Plus service is like a consolidation of the old Gold and Platinum services and will not only get you access to that new Plus library, but free book tokens as well - a whole 12 upfront in this case. 

I think we can all agree, that's a lot of audiobooks up for grabs. Just remember though, with both these plans Audible will roll your subscription onto the next subsequent time period at full price, so make sure you cancel your subscriptions before then to avoid any superfluous charges next bill cycle!

Audible deals for Prime members today at Amazon


Audible: 30-Day Audible Premium Plus trial plus 2 Credits
Amazon Prime account holders can now sign-up to a trial for the new Audible Premium Plus service and get an additional free book credit to use. Note - you'll have to enter your card details to redeem this offer, but once you do you won't be charged until your trial period is over, so remember to cancel your subscription before 30-days if you're just trying it out.


Audible: 1-year Audible Premium Plus for $149.50 $99.50
Prime members who are ready to commit to a whole year can capitalize on a fantastic early Amazon Prime Day Audible deal right now, knocking a whole $50 off a yearly Audible Premium Plus subscription. That'll give you a whole 12 free book credits up front and give you completely unlimited access to the new Audible Plus audiobook library.

Start a free 30-day trial of Amazon Prime

Start a free 30-day trial of Amazon Prime
Not a prime member? No worries, you can simply sign-up for a free trial at no cost. It's a great time to do so as well with Amazon Prime Day, one of the biggest shopping events of the year, just being around the corner. Also, You can cancel at any time within the 30 days with no strings attached, so you can sign-up, get your free stuff, then leave!

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If you'd like to do a little bit more research, we recommend heading over to our guide on the best Audible price, which also has plenty of info on membership options and tips for saving money. 

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