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Audible Premium Plus promotion deal
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New Audible customers can pick up a whole 12-months of Audible Premium Plus for just $89.50 (opens in new tab) this month - a whopping $60 off and a 40% discount from the original price of $149.50.

Averaging out at just $7.45 per month, you'll score yourself 12 free audiobook tokens upfront with this deal, plus unlimited access to the Audible Plus library of over 200,000 audiobooks and podcasts. As an Audible subscriber, you'll also get a 30% sitewide discount across the entire storefront - should you want to actually buy any books after you've stocked up your library with your free tokens.

This promotion is available until September 27th and you'll have to log in to your Amazon account to check it out. While specifically aimed at new customers, we'd still recommend logging in and seeing if it's available if you have an account as other sites have reported users with lapsed subscriptions having luck.

This week's best Audible membership deal

Audible Premium Plus | 12 months for (opens in new tab)

Audible Premium Plus | 12 months for $149.50 $89.50 (opens in new tab)
New customers can save $60 on a whole year of Audible Premium Plus this month in a rare deal from the audiobook giant. Score 12 free book tokens, unlimited access to the Audible Plus library of over 200,00 unique titles, plus a sitewide 30% discount on all purchases. This is the kind of promotion we only see a few times a year, so it's definitely worth checking it out if you're a fan of audiobooks. You can also check out the 30-day free trial (opens in new tab).

On the fence? Another good option is to simply take the 30-day free trial of Audible (opens in new tab). You won't get a whole 12 audiobook tokens to spend upfront, but you'll still score one on the house and two if you're an active Amazon Prime member (opens in new tab)

A huge catalog of titles, excellent exclusives, and support for multiple devices makes Audible an easy top pick in our best audiobook site 2021 buyers guide. With a vast library on everything from fiction favorites to wellness, there's a little bit of something for everyone with Audible and it's well worth checking out if you're an audiobook fan.

If you'd like a detailed breakdown of what's included with a membership, then check out our guide to Audible price and membership. You can also check out our Audible free trial article if you'd like to try it before you buy.

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