Samsung Galaxy S5 to arrive in metal and plastic forms by April?

Metal and Plastic Galaxy S5s will arrive in time for Easter
Just how accurate is our concept?

We all know that the Samsung Galaxy S5 is coming, but speculation to when is varied. The January launch we reported on before is wrong, at least according to the news coming out of Korea today.

Citing 'industry sources', ET News reports that January will instead play host to the beginning of the Galaxy S5's production, rather than its launch.

A total of 800,000 to 1 million devices are expected to be produced in the first month, reaching 6 million by the end of February.

This puts the release date around March or April, which is still a month or two earlier than the launch of previous Galaxy S models - the Galaxy S4 launched in May 2013.

Metal or plastic or both?

Apparently Samsung is at least toying with the idea of releasing two versions of the Galaxy S5; a premium metal framed version with flexible 5-inch OLED display and a more standard plastic cased 5-inch AMOLED model.

In what direction the display is set to bend, we have yet to find out. Will it curve like the Samsung Galaxy Round, or will it be more akin to the LG G Flex. We'd pin our money, and our hopes, on the latter.

We are left a little bemused by the need for 2 models, we'd suggest that the two different models will cater to different markets, similar to the quad/octa-core models of the S4.

The idea of getting both models in western territories is a little dubious (unless we are to see an iPhone 5C scenario) as we know Samsung likes to release 'Mini' versions of its handsets such as the Galaxy S4 Mini.

One specsy handset

The Korean site also provides information on more specifications, including another mention for that 64-bit processor and 3GB of RAM.

A 4000mAh battery will apparently sit inside the Android 4.4 KitKat toting handset, meaning the Galaxy S5 battery would be 53% larger than the current Galaxy S4, and 25% larger than the Note 3.

We've already heard that the Galaxy S5 may ship with Samsung's newest 16MP ISOCELL camera, which is quoted again in this report.

Interestingly, the Korean firm is only targeting 70% of sales in comparison to the Galaxy S4. This could down to the earlier release, meaning that those on 24 month Galaxy S3 contracts will still be tied down.

We should also advise a word of caution, as 'industry sources' have a habit of being hit and miss. We won't know anything for certain until Samsung make the Galaxy S5 official in March, April, or January.

Take your pick Samsung.

Via G For Games.