LG G Flex's clever new features unveiled for all to see

LG G Flex officially unveiled in Korea
What is the obsession with curves?

We all knew the G Flex could, well, bend, but it's got some other new features that LG has highlighted too to rival the other curved display handset, the Samsung Galaxy Round.

The phone apes Samsung with multi-window capabilities as well as smart face tracking technology.

A lot of focus is on the screen hardware too, and for good reason: those of you as clumsy as us will find that it absorbs drops better.

LG also outed two cases for the phone, including one that is basically a small strip to show off the Wolverine-like 'self-healing' ability of the phone.

LG has also changed the camera slightly, adding in a green LED along with the standard white option to make facial recognition that little bit more accurate.

LG G Flex officially unveiled in Korea

Green LED's are better for faces, apparently (credit: myongsob.com)

Its a curved LG G2, right?

A lot of comparisons will be drawn with the LG G2, given that they both come with Qualcomm's quad-core 2.26GHz Snapdragon 800 processor and 2GB RAM, but the LG G Flex is a very different device.

It is both larger and heavier, packing a 6-inch HD screen. This means a 720x1280 display stretched over 6-inches, resulting in 245ppi, rather than the G2's Full HD 1080x1920 pixels over 5.2-inches giving 424ppi.

That lower resolution appears to help the LG G Flex though, with benchmarks showing that onscreen performance is better than both the LG G2 and the Samsung Galaxy Note 3

That's impressive as the latter is currently the world's most powerful smartphone, although a lot of the performance will be related to the lower screen resolution (720p) resulting in fewer pixels to drive.

The LG G Flex will be making it over to Europe in 2014, so we're keeping our eyes more than peeled.

Via TalkAndroid.