Samsung Galaxy A range details leaked... but not everyone will be happy

Samsung Galaxy A
More details of the Samsung Galaxy A series surface

We've now got more possible details on the new, more premium, range of Samsung smartphones, but the new A series of smartphones might not impress from the South Korean brand.

The Samsung Galaxy A series aims to bring features and design sensibilities from Samsung's newly-metallised flagship Galaxy Alpha smartphone to a its new world of smartphones in the next few months: the A3, A5 and A7, so you won't need to pay premium prices for a 'premium' theory.

Samsung specialist website SamMobile has reported that its sources have revealed a host of new information, including the fact that the entire A series will feature LTE connectivity, which means even the entry level Galaxy A3 will be 4G capable.

Apparent prices have also been leaked, with the Galaxy A3 coming with a suggested price of between $350 (around £214, AU$398) and $400 (around £246, AU$455).

The midrange Galaxy A5 will have a price of around $400 to $450 (around £276, AU$511), whilst the high-end Galaxy A7 is likely to retail for between $450 and $500 (around £307, AU$568).

Galaxy A7, where art thou?

What's perhaps most interesting about these latest leaks is that they suggest that the Galaxy A7 won't be as widely launched as the other two, which could be a disappointment for anyone who is waiting for the high-end smartphone.

Instead, the Galaxy A7 may only launch in some selected countries. No reason was given for the limited release of the Galaxy A7, however it has been suggested that Samsung might be worried about the Galaxy A7 taking away sales from its flagship Galaxy Alpha.

Finally, all three Samsung Galaxy A smartphones are expected to be announced at some point in the third quarter of this year. That's right about now, so we're expecting an official announcement from Samsung soon.

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