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Palm Pre gets a 'solid' release date

Get the Palm Pre to the UK now!
Get the Palm Pre to the UK now!

The eagerly awaited debut of the Palm Pre appears to have taken a step closer to reality as dates of its US launch have been leaked.

Engadget Mobile has managed to bag some delivery dates for a whole host of events on Sprint (the carrier of the Pre) in the US, and the Palm Pre is scheduled to land on 16 May at the earliest.

While Palm has yet to properly confirm the handset for the UK, the sheer amount of statements from top level execs (and the fact it has a UK website with 'Coming Soon' written on it) seem to hint that it will be debuting on our shores.

Hurry up and get to the UK!

The belief is that the US will get the Pre in the first half of the year, and Europe, including the UK, will be picking up a modified version for our own 3G networks. But now the US has a more definite date, the UK release is clearly going to be in the next few months.

There's strong rumour that it will be landing in the UK with the fellows over at O2, so it appears there will be a summer of Palm Pre fun coming our way.

In other news, Palm has let slip that the Touchstone wireless charging dock, another reason to coo over the new bean-shaped wonder phone, isn't just going to be a one-off, as there will be a whole raft of wireless charging products for the future.

While this might only excite the Palm faithful at the moment, if they're successful the technology should proliferate to other brands in the near future, meaning wireless charge-y fun for all the family.

Via Engadget and Prethinking