Nokia working on a Windows Phone with rotating camera?

Nokia working on a Windows Phone with rotating camera?
Nah. No. Non. Nein. Iie. Nu-uh.

Rumour has it that Nokia is going to unveil a Lumia handset with a rotating camera panel but we're pretty sure someone's pulling our leg.

We're taking solace in the fact that this 'Nokia Lumia X' leak probably isn't legit, despite coming from a source named Johnny who promises this is a picture of a future device sent to him by his pal in the Nokia Design Studio team.

Because, let's face it, this is horrible and outdated. In this day and age, there's no need for rotating parts of any kind on any phone, let alone a phone as chunky-looking as this.

And that screen just stopping above the weird MP3-player rotating part seems both aesthetically unlikely and technologically impossible. In fact, it just looks like someone's Photoshopped the Windows Phone UI onto a Nokia 3250.

We call fake

As well as the picture, 'Johnny' provided some specs: 8MP camera, Clear Black AMOLED display, Windows Phone 8, Snapdragon S4 dual-core processor.

This questionable 'Johnny' character also reckons that Nokia is about to reboot the N-Gage, which will no doubt please the eighteen people who can still be classified as Nokia fanboys.

Nokia is reportedly set to unveil its first Windows Phone 8 Lumia handsets at Nokia World in early September, getting in there ahead of the iPhone 5.

We're hoping against hope that the big reveal won't include this Nokia Lumia X camera thing which would be like the Finnish company taking three giant steps back after its baby steps back towards credibility.

From Concept Phones via Into Mobile

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