Moto X coming to other carriers 'in days,' says Motorola VP

Moto X
Unfortunately, these colors are off limits for most

AT&T customers may be shaking their Moto Makers today, but folks on the nation's other networks should be joining the

Moto X

mayhem soon.

"Step 1 of rollout," wrote Punit Soni, vice president of product management at Motorola Mobility, on Google+ this morning. "Dev editions, other carrier versions rolling out in days."

Verizon, Sprint, T-Mobile and U.S. Cellular are all slated to carry the customizable (but only at AT&T) handset, though none have offered concrete release dates yet. Soni's words indicate that info is in the very near-term offing.

We've asked all four carriers for more detail on their Moto X release date plans, and so far all but Verizon have responded with no new info.

Mmm, Moto

AT&T not only nabbed a solo launch of the Moto X, it also landed an exclusive on the handset's highly touted customizable options.

Whereas it and all other carriers are selling both black and white versions, AT&T-ers have the choice of pimping out their X in a variety of colors, with different accent options. There are, according to Motorola, over 2,000 combos total.

According to an AT&T spokeswoman, Ma Bell customers can buy the black and white Moto X in stores, or purchase a customization card, which are currently only available at physical retail locations. From there, they can go online and design the Moto X to their personal preferences.

Until this week, Motorola was offering pick-your-own engravings, but pulled back following sub-par beta testing. The option to include a message on a Moto X should come soon, a spokesperson said.

Verizon tweeted in its Moto X announced that it will have Moto Maker access later this year, giving customers the option to craft a made-to-order phone. Specific details are still missing, however.

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