AT&T gets first dibs on Moto X and Moto Maker starting Aug. 23

AT&T Moto X Design Studio
Step right up and make Moto yours!

You can almost hear the high-fives of AT&T executives shouting "First!" from their Dallas headquarters with the announcement that Motorola's latest handset will finally go on sale next Friday.

Exactly as rumored only just last week, AT&T announced today that Motorola's highly anticipated Moto X will arrive online and in stores next Friday, Aug. 23. It's then that those who purchase their Moto X online will be able to customize the handset using Moto Maker.

Touted as "the first smartphone designed by you" with assembly right here in the U.S. of A., the Moto X debuts exclusively - for the time being - on AT&T's network, priced at $199.99 (16GB) or $249.99 (32GB).

AT&T Next customers can nab the Moto X for as little as $27 per month (16GB, or 32GB for $32 per month). AT&T plans to stock black and white versions of the phone in its retail locations, with color samples available for people planning to customize.

Makin' Moto

Using the Moto Maker, Moto X buyers can make the handset their own with 18 different front and back color choices, including accent colors for the power key, volume key and camera ring.

Moto Maker also allows users to add their name or a short message to the back of the device, preselect a custom power-on message and choose from a number of Motorola-only wallpapers, then have the device shipped to your door in four days tops.

A few lucky Moto X buyers who signed up previously for more information from AT&T's website will be able to order their handset starting Monday, Aug. 19 instead.

Last but not least, all Moto X orders made via Moto Maker will ship with a free, wearable Skip accessory, a small dongle that allows users to bypass the phone's lock screen whenever it's in close proximity to the device. The Skip offer is good for a limited time.