When Aug. 23 comes a-rocking, will the Moto X come a-knocking?

Moto X
X marks Aug. 23?

You may have already done a little online shopping to deck out your Moto X, if you're an AT&T customer, that is. But chances are, you're still wondering when the new handset goes from window-shopping wish list to in-the-mail reality.

"Coming soon," "later this year," and "late August, early September" are the closest we've gotten so far as to when the Moto X will hit shelves at AT&T and other carriers.

However, we may have an exact date to hang our hats on (which will match our X, of course).

According to "people familiar with the matter" recently speaking to AdAge, the phone will be available at carriers starting Aug. 23. The report names AT&T, Verizon, Sprint and T-Mobile, though U.S. Cellular will also sell the device.

Exclusive time runs out

AT&T scored an exclusive on the Moto X's customization features, one that should see the phone displayed prominently in its stores, AdAdge noted.

Motorola claimed there are over 2,000 combinations possible between back plates and accent colors, but all other, non-AT&T carriers are stuck with black and white options, at least to start.

On Aug. 1, Verizon tweeted that it will support Moto Maker, the tool that lets users personalize their X phone, later this year. And according to AdAge, AT&T's lock on customizations ends in early November, as the "three other carriers" will let customers start picking beyond black and white.

Nothing is confirmed until either Motorola or carriers tell us yay or nay, so until we get official word, you can keep window shopping to pass the time.

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