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LG confirms 31-inch OLED TV for IFA

LG unveils new OLED TV plans
LG unveils new OLED TV plans

LG has finally confirmed that it will be showing a 31-inch OLED TV at IFA 2010, the largest from the company so far.

Although the likes of Sony and Samsung have both shown larger prototypes of OLED panels before, LG's effort may be different – in that it may actually make it to market, as LG told us last year.

OLED-display has confirmed with the Korean company that it will be bringing the new device to IFA 2010 in Berlin next month, so TechRadar will be there, cameras at the ready to bring you early snaps.

Where's the benefit?

It will be interesting to see how LG positions its OLED TV compared to the vast range of LCD panels; when OLED was first talked about as a competitor to the incumbent technology its advantages were a super thin frame, low motion blur and a ridiculously high contrast.

However, these days LCD manufacturers are able to make LCD TVs 7mm thin, have fixed the motion blur issue of early designs and thanks to localised LED backlighting, have made semi-comparable contrast ratios.

And of course there's the price – for a 15-inch OLED TV you'll be paying well over £1,000 (if you're lucky) so push that up to a 31-inch model and... well, best cancel that holiday. And the one after that. And a few more.