Is LG planning an even more flexible G Flex 2?

Is LG planning an even more flexible G Flex 2?
Bend and flex, bend and flex

LG's not resting on anybody's laurels with word that it is speccing out the LG G Flex 2 and wants to give the handset a screen that can bend almost 90 degrees.

That's tiptoeing into foldable territory, with the handset supposedly set for a hard rubber body to accommodate the bend.

ZDNet Korea reckons that LG is already planning mass production for the G Flex 2 which suggests that we'll see the handset launch at some point in 2014.

Fold it now... hit it

Samsung is also looking at the folding phone market and seeing dollar signs, with a foldable prototype doing the rounds as well as this crazy 3-sided phone patent on its books.

LG's not letting anything official slip about the G Flex 2, however, so all we have to go on for now are these supply-chain rumours. We recommend them only as part of a high-sodium diet.

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