Don't hold the phone, the Samsung Galaxy S5 won't be at MWC 2014

Galaxy S5 concept
Could this be what the Galaxy S5 looks like? We may know in March.

While there has been some suggestions that the Samsung Galaxy S5 would be launched at MWC 2014 in February, two of the latest rumors dispute that.

The first comes from Italian journalist Flavio, who tweeted that a 'reliable source' had confirmed to him that the Samsung Galaxy S5 would be launched at an event in London in mid March.

This would mirror the launch of the Samsung Galaxy S3 which also launched in the Capital, although the Galaxy S4's launch venue of New York could be on the cards instead.

London or New York?

ZDnet Korea cites a 'senior Samsung official' as saying that the main purpose of MWC is a business meeting and that the timing is wrong for the launch of the Galaxy S5, and rather than a London launch the Samsung Galaxy S5 will be unveiled in New York in March.

We were always skeptical that the Galaxy S5 would launch at MWC, so this news is somewhat unsurprising. A March launch does mean a slightly longer wait for the handset though, and kills rumors pointing towards an early Feb reveal.

As for whether it will be unveiled in New York or London (or both) we'll hopefully know soon.

James Rogerson

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