Paris Games Week: everything that was announced at PlayStation's Showcase

Paris Games Week doesn’t officially begin until November 1, but Sony kicked things off early with its PlayStation Showcase. 

This was Sony’s last chance for a big European show in 2017 after bowing out of hosting a conference at Gamescom in August. It’s also its last chance to establish a strong position for itself ahead of the launch of Microsoft’s Xbox One X on November 7. 

Before the main show even began, Sony revealed seven new games are coming to the PlayStation 4 and PSVR platforms. 

The main event

The new reveals

  • A new game from inFamous developer Sucker Punch, called Ghost of Tsushima, was announced
  • A new murder mystery PlayLink title, Erica, was announced
  • The developers of The Getaway are working on a full-length PlayStation VR title called Blood and Truth

The main show jumped straight into the trailers and it didn’t start with a small one. First up was the new AAA title from developer Sucker Punch called Ghost of Tsushima

This title is a change from Sucker Punch’s inFamous games, taking players to the Samurai era of Japan. There was no release date given but it certainly looks visually impressive and you can watch the trailer for yourself below. 

The game is apparently an action stealth adventure which has you take up the role of a samurai in feudal Japan. The game takes historical inspiration from the time when the Mongol army invaded the island of Tsushima. It's your job to defend it. 

In the game, Tsushima will be a huge island filled with different places, towns and people which you can interact with.. 

This was followed up by some footage from a title called Concrete Genie coming in 2018. The footage showed a game starring a young man with what appears to be a magical paintbrush, capable of manipulating the real world with things that he paints. 

It'll be possible to paint creatures and objects all of which can be used in the game.

Next up was a new PlayLink title, Sony’s co-op game service that has apparently now reached more than 3 million players. The game is called Erica and has players team up on their mobiles to solve a murder mystery. This looks like a real interactive movie is coming to the console and you can watch the trailer for yourself below:

A fast-hitting sizzle reel of PlayStation VR-focused trailer was shown which showed off many of the games coming to the platform over the next year. 

There are plenty of them, many of the new ones already having been detailed in the pre-show. The trailer reel was finished off with a new game from the developers of The Getaway called Blood and Truth. There’s no way we can say Sony doesn’t support this platform enough now.

Third-party exclusives

  • A new co-op trailer for Far Cry 5 was shown off
  • An announcement trailer for Destiny 2's first DLC, Curse of Osiris, was shown
  • Call of Duty WW2's debut DLC will be coming to PS4 first, and it it also got a new trailer

Next up, Sony decided to show off some of the PlayStation exclusive features that will be coming to some of its third party releases and there are some big games here. 

First up was Ubisoft’s Far Cry 5 which will have expanded co-op gameplay for PlayStation 4 players. Available from launch, players will be able to play online with a friend to try and free Hope County from the clutches of the nefarious cult. This was followed quickly by Activision’s Destiny 2. PS4 players will have access to the game’s first DLC called Curse of Osiris on December 5. 

Some brand new Monster Hunter World gameplay was shown in a long clip and it was revealed that the game is crossing over exclusively with Horizon Zero Dawn for PlayStation owners. This means that PS4 players will be able to play as Aloy when they play Monster Hunter World. 

Destiny 2 isn’t the only game getting  DLC on PS4 – The Resistance - the first DLC pack for Call of Duty WW2 - is coming to PS4 first on January 30. Star Wars Battlefront 2 followed this 

First-party exclusives

  • We got a good look at the upcoming Spider-Man game via a new story-focussed trailer
  • The Last of Us Part 2 got an intense new story trailer
  • God of War got a new gameplay trailer
  • Shadow of the Colossus gets a February 6 2018 release date

This is the stuff we were waiting for. The games coming exclusively to PlayStation over the next few years and some new footage to get us excited about them. 

Spider-Man got a brand new trailer which gave a hint at some of the more emotional rather than mechanical aspects of the game. 

Following this was a new gameplay trailer for Detroit: Become Human, a game that was first announced at Paris Games Week.

This was an emotionally charged trailer for the game, which is coming in Spring 2018, showing one android’s story and the kinds of difficult choices the player is going to be asked to make while playing. It’s a much darker look at the game than we’ve ever seen before and doesn't make for the most comfortable viewing.

God of War followed on from this with some new gameplay footage. The footage, which you can watch below, highlighted how Kratos’ son will be involved in the game combat 

Shadow of the Colossus remaster finally received a release date alongside some new footage. That will be coming to consoles on February 6 2018.

After a lot of waiting we finally got a brand new trailer for The Last of Us part 2. This trailer was a glimpse at what looks like it's going to be a shockingly grim title and you can watch it for yourself below. Though it was visually impressive, it was violent, bordering on difficult to watch. 

And that's a wrap for the main showcase! Below you'll find the coverage of the pre-show which includes details on brand new games such as Guacamelee 2, Hong Kong Massacre and The Gardens Between. 

Pre-show, no preamble

  • Spelunky 2 was announced as coming to PS4 in 2018
  • Guacamelee 2 was announced
  • LocoRoco 2 is getting a remaster on PS4

One of the main criticisms PlayStation received following its E3 conference was that there wasn’t much in the way of new titles revealed. Sony has made up for that at Paris Games Week with seven new titles. 

The first title to be revealed is a sequel – Guacamelee 2. The original Guacamelee was an exciting puzzle platformer that could be played either single-player or in local co-op (in fact, it features on our list of favorite co-op games. 

The sequel will be released “soon-ish” and the footage shown suggests it’ll be just as colorful and frantic as it ever was with four player co-op from the off. 

The Hong Kong Massacre is an altogether less colorful affair. This top-down shooter has a real Max Payne-inspired look and will be coming to the PS4 in 2018

Moving back to colorful but much more slow-paced than either of the two games before are The Gardens Between coming in 2018. The Gardens between is a single-player narrative driven puzzle game with no time pressure. There’s no text, one button interaction with the world telling the story instead. 

Keeping things colorful, it was revealed that LocoRoco 2 remastered, the puzzle game that revolves around eating is coming to PS4 on December 9 2017. New collectibles and characters will be coming to the game and it’ll be in 4K on PS4 Pro

We’ve known for a while now that The Sims 4 is coming to PS4 in November and the pre-show gave us a look at the expansions that will be coming to the game when it launches. 

This Sims game will, apparently, bring the PC experience straight to console with the only difference being that it has a PS4-friendly UI. None of the previous Sims on console problems here, thank you very much. 

The expansions that will be available at launch will include City Living, Vampires, Glam Life and Outdoor Living with more to come as time goes on.  

Tennis World Tour has been revealed to be coming to PS4 in 2018. If you’ve been waiting for a simulation-heavy tennis game it appears this is a title to look out for and it’ll have a deep, involving career mode. 

PlayStation VR got its very own segment during the pre-show with some brand new game announcements and updates on games that were previously announced at this year's E3.

The first was Megalith, coming in 2018. While the second was Bow to Blood, also coming in 2018.  

The latter title is set in a fantasy reality TV show which has you compete in airship battles, either by teaming up with others or fighting it out on your own. The game world is procedurally generated meaning a new experience every time. 

Megalith, on the other hand, puts you in control of a Titan trying to become a God. Team behind it are multiplayer veterans which should make it a very interesting addition to the PSVR library. 

After these big announcements there were a handful of smaller titles revealed alongside some updates. 

Open world flight simulator Ultrawings is the game for anyone that's been desperate to get behind the wheel of a plane; Survios is an action-packed obstacle course game that has you pull on your skates and run, jump and fly your way to victory; there are two new horror titles coming on Halloween itself called Dead Hungry and Stifled

First announced at E3 earlier this year, Moss is a PSVR game that revolves around a tiny mouse named Quill and it looks set to be one of the platform's biggest releases in a while. 

It's a dungeon crawler puzzle game that looks like it'll be an interesting addition to the PSVR library and it's now confirmed to be coming in February 2018.

Another game that got an update was Resident Evil 7. This horror title's VR mode was immensely popular when the game was first released and now it's getting a scary DLC mode titled Not a Hero coming in December of this year. 

Final Fantasy 15 fans will be getting a standalone PSVR release on November 21. Episode Ignis is its own experience and you won't have to have purchased Final Fantasy 15 to play it. 

The pre-show then wrapped up with two new game announcements. Oure is the first title and it's coming to PS4's store from today. 

This indie title has you explore a stunning world as a child who can turn into a dragon. The world is populated by titans and it's your job to convince them to fulfill the roles they've stopped performing by exploring and solving puzzles.

The second reveal is also an indie title – Spelunky 2. That's right Spelunky 2 is coming to PS4 in 2018, though no more exact release date has been confirmed. 

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