Oculus Rift VR games are now coming to the Oculus Quest

Oculus headset
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Got an Oculus Quest? An incoming update is going to essentially turn your wireless VR headset into a Rift model, with a cabling product called the Oculus Link allowing you to access the whole library of Rift VR games.

The Quest is pitched as a more accessible all-in-one VR headset, that uses on-board processing instead of the high-end PC specs needed to run the Oculus Rift or Rift S.

Now, though, "if you have a gaming PC and a USB-C cable, you're now going to be able to run all the Rift content on your Quest."

The Oculus Link is set to launch in November 2019, and is set to vastly expand the experiences available on the Oculus Quest. 

With the option of playing Rift games on your Quest, and the recent news of the Quest also being able to emulate Oculus Go apps and games, the Quest is increasingly becoming the focus point of Oculus development.

Not to mention the hand tracking features coming to the Oculus Quest next year – the first time such a feature has been available for a fully wireless headset – which was also announced at this week's Oculus Connect 6 conference.

You can find out the PC specs needed to run Rift games – on either the Rift or Quest – in our Oculus Rift review and Oculus Rift S review.

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