Nvidia RTX 2080 Ti Super is coming – and it could be a monster GPU

Nvidia GeForce RTX 2080 Ti
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We’ve heard previous whispers of the existence of a Super variant of Nvidia’s flagship RTX 2080 Ti – including a rumor that turned out to be false – but apparently the GPU maker does have a new super-powerful RTX champion waiting in the wings, at least according to the latest speculation.

In a short-but-sweet tweet (short even for Twitter), kopite7kimi revealed a couple of juicy alleged spec details of Nvidia’s supposedly incoming new spin on its flagship.

So, the RTX 2080 Ti Super does exist according to this Twitter leaker, who has been on the money on previous occasions with Nvidia-related leaks, although we should obviously still be chucking a good deal of condiments around here (salt, pepper, and whatever else you fancy – maybe a bit of paprika, because this is a spicy leak after all).

The number in the tweet – 4,608 – refers to the (alleged) number of CUDA cores that the incoming GPU will carry, meaning it will supposedly use the full Turing TU102 GPU (as seen in the Nvidia Titan RTX). That runs with 576 Tensor cores and 72 RT (ray tracing) cores, compared to the 2080 Ti’s 544 and 68 respectively (the latter has 4,352 CUDA cores, too).

Speedy indeedy

The mention of 16Gbps refers to the bandwidth of the video RAM, compared to 14Gbps with the existing RTX 2080 Ti. The quantity of video memory isn’t mentioned, of course, and this will obviously be a major differentiator between this purported Super card and the Titan RTX (which has a colossal 24GB of RAM on-board).

The RTX 2080 Ti Super may run with 11GB or 12GB of video RAM, if it exists at all. The Super GPU would also likely be clocked slower than the Titan RTX so as not to take too much away from the latter’s performance strengths, one would also assume – but who knows exactly where Nvidia might pitch things.

All in all, then, if this allegedly incoming graphics card shapes up along these lines, it’s going to be something of a beast indeed.

It’s interesting to note that kopite7kimi had previously tweeted about the existence of a 2080 Ti Super mentioning a proposed launch date of the first quarter of 2020, but that tweet was subsequently deleted.

So theoretically, we could see this 2080 Ti Super launched in the first few months of 2020 – perhaps as a pre-emptive strike before AMD releases its supposed ‘Nvidia killer’ high-end Navi GPU which is rumored to be due mid-2020 (and could be revealed as soon as CES).

And that theory would back up why Nvidia might want to make this a strikingly powerful graphics card, of course – particularly if consumer next-gen Ampere GPUs aren’t going to be ready in a timeframe before then (even if the latest speculation indicates that they might be, the overall picture regarding Ampere – whether that’s consumer or pro-targeted video cards – remains very unclear).

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