Nintendo NX specs, pricing and bundle info hinted at by leak

We’re expecting to see the new Nintendo NX console hit game shop shelves in just six months time. But even with the console’s existence having been acknowledged by the Mario house some time ago, Nintendo still won’t spill the beans on what’s officially coming next. 

So it’s down to insider leakers to fill us in in the meantime. According to a claimed employee of a large retail firm sharing with the Nintendo NX subreddit, we may now have a glimpse of pricing, specs and bundle options for the new console.

As ever, with no official confirmation forthcoming, this all has to be taken with a pinch of salt before we proceed, but lots of the detail here sounds believable. 

 4K streaming, 1080p gaming 

First, the specs. The source claims that the Nintendo NX will allow gamers to play at 1080p and 60fps whilst at home, while also corroborating rumors of the hybrid nature of the device, stating that the on-the-go mobile portion of the NX will run at 900p. It also states that 4K streaming is a possibility. 

This lines up well with previous rumors that the NX will be running a version of the Tegra chip previously found in Nvidia’s neat Shield TV set top gaming box, which has similar capabilities. 

The retailer leak also pointed to some pricing possibilities. It suggested that, like the Wii U, the Nintendo NX will launch at two different price points – a $299.99 base model (about £245, AU$400) and a bundle option with unspecified contents for $399.99 (about £325, AU$530). Demo units will be in stores for play tests by February, according to the leak. At least four games are expected to land alongside the console at launch, one being a Mario title. 

As for marketing, the not-so-catchy slogan “interact with your game on the go” is apparently being bandied about, which (if true) doesn’t fill us with confidence that Nintendo has nailed its promotional materials any better than its woeful Wii U work. 

Gerald Lynch

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