Nintendo has finally fixed the Nintendo Switch eShop’s biggest problem

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Nintendo has finally implemented a new policy change for the Nintendo Switch eShop that is bound to please anyone who owns the company’s incredibly popular hybrid console.

Players can now cancel pre-orders made through the Nintendo Switch eShop, as long the cancellation is made seven days before release or before the game is available to preload. 

Previously, players would be charged straight away, and if you changed your mind… well, tough. There was no way to get your funds back.

Nintendo’s support page details the consumer-friendly change, and also provides a guide on how to cancel pre-orders. You can either do so through your browser or on the Nintendo Switch itself.

To make life even easier, players are also now told the planned preload date of a game, so there’s no excuse if you do miss the cut-off point. Unfortunately, this change to the Nintendo Switch eShop only applies going forward. Any existing pre-orders you may have made will not benefit from this new policy.

Switch off

Nintendo has been rather quiet when it comes to game announcements for the holiday season. The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild 2 and Bayonetta 3, arguably two of the Switch's biggest games, still don't have a release date for example. 

With the PS5 and Xbox Series X likely to arrive in November, the Nintendo Switch will soon be getting some more competition. The arrival of Project xCloud, Microsoft's cloud streaming service, will also shake the handheld space up considerably. 

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