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Breath of the Wild 2: everything we know so far

Breath of the Wild 2: Link running across an open field
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The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild 2 is without a doubt one of the most eagerly awaited Nintendo Switch exclusives there is. 

A big part of the reason for that is that Breath of the Wild 2 is the sequel to the beloved 2017 Nintendo Switch launch title, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. As it’s considered to be one of the best Switch games ever – and there’s no shortage of good Switch games – this has left expectations for Breath of the Wild 2 pretty high. 

That doesn’t mean we’re inundated with details about Breath of the Wild 2, though. In fact, we still don’t even know its official title and when it comes to its release date, we still don’t have anything more solid than a fairly wide Spring 2023 window. 

While Nintendo has been pretty quiet around Breath of the Wild 2, we’re hoping the latter half of this year might provide us with a few more updates. That said, 2022 is getting on. Nintendo didn’t take part in June’s Summer Game Fest and it’s already confirmed it won’t be at Gamescom 2022 in August. At this rate, it feels like our best chance of new details will be a dedicated Nintendo Direct but it’s notoriously hard to predict when one of those could drop.  

While we wait for more official news, we've rounded up everything you need to know about Breath of the Wild 2 right here, including details on its delay, what we've gleaned from trailers so far, and all the latest news and rumors.

Breath of the Wild 2: cut to the chase

  • What is it? The upcoming sequel to 2017's Breath of the Wild
  • What can I play it on? Nintendo Switch
  • When can I play it? TBC Spring 2023

Breath of the Wild 2 release date and platforms

Enemies looking down into camera from a stone platform

(Image credit: Nintendo)

We initially thought that The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild would release sometime in 2022. But Nintendo has updated (opens in new tab) fans with the bad news: it's now looking at a spring 2023 release. 

Series producer, Eiji Aonuma, made the announcement in March 2022, saying:

"I have an update to share on the launch timing of the sequel to The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. 

We previously announced that we were aiming for a 2022 release for this game. However, we have decided to extend out development time a bit and change the release to Spring 2023."

The delay will allow Nintendo to "make this game's experience something special."

Breath of the Wild 2 trailers

E3 2021 trailer
We got our best look yet at Breath of the Wild 2 during the E3 2021 Nintendo presentation, with a trailer showing off the vast, expansive world of Hyrule – expanded even further with navigation into the skies, despite the more dungeon-crawling feeling of the original 2019 teaser.

There's some paragliding up in the clouds, along with more a freefall mechanic that seems ripped right out of Skyward Sword, and a new glove that looks to be taking the place of the Sheikah slate for Breath of the Wild 2. 

There's even a short clip of a splashed puddle... reverting in time? We're not entirely sure, but it's clear that some new mechanics will be introduced into the Zelda formula, while one of the first game's sentient boulder enemies (that's Stone Pebblit to you) is shown with a Bokoblin fort on its back for BOTW 2, suggesting even more dynamic interplay between the game's many enemies. Take a look below...

Announcement trailer
We got our very first glimpse of Breath of the Wild 2 at E3 2019, with this spooky trailer that shows Zelda and Link exploring an underground chamber – with some mysterious runes, glowing hands, and a brand-new haircut that has set the internet on fire. Suffice it to say we're excited.

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild 2 trailer that first revealed the game is just 82 seconds long and there's no dialogue whatsoever, but there are some clues to be gathered from it.

It features a torch-carrying Link and Zelda traversing a dark dungeon beneath Hyrule (no big surprise there). Spirit-like tendrils creep around the musty tomb they're exploring, with the pair riding a large elephant-like beast. Something shocks the pair, and then we cut to what appears to be the resurrection of some long-dead (and creepy looking) warrior. Could this be the return of Ganondorf?

The video then cuts to a long shot of Hyrule Field, with Hyrule Castle in the distance. There's a tremor, the castle is smothered with dust... and that's the end.

The clip finishes with a message that reads: "The sequel to Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is in development."

We wouldn't usually expect so much animation to be done so early in development, but it probably helps that Nintendo already has the in-game engine from Breath of the Wild.

Breath of the Wild 2 news and rumors

Breath of the Wild glowing power glove

A new glove item may take the place of the Sheikah slate in Breath of the Wild 2 (Image credit: Nintendo)

Plot details?

Nintendo has done a very good job of keeping spoilers around Breath of the Wild 2 quiet but a potentially major plot detail for the game might have been leaked by Pietro Ubaldi, the Italian voice actor for Daruk in the original game. 

Do be wary of spoilers for Breath of the Wild and, potentially, Breath of the Wild 2 below

ResetEra user Alexander_Wand (opens in new tab) recently spotted that the Zelda-focused YouTube channel Lega Hyrule (opens in new tab) posted an interview with Ubaldi who claims to have voiced Daruk in the sequel and the Goron character's ancestor.

Given the ending of Breath of the Wild, the appearance of Daruk in the sequel is a little odd but the claims around an ancestor character are very intriguing and some wonder if this could see Breath of the Wild 2 playing with time – specifically an ancient past – which wouldn’t exactly be unprecedented for a Legend of Zelda game.

Nintendo is, of course, staying quiet in the meantime and we won’t know about any Breath of the Wild 2 plot details for sure until they’re officially announced.

Too good for the Switch?

The most recent gameplay footage for Breath of the Wild 2 is impressive. But is it too impressive to be on the Nintendo Switch? According to tech experts Digital Foundry (opens in new tab)  Breath of the Wild 2 includes a number of graphical features that the aging original Nintendo Switch would struggle to run.

The latest trailer for the Breath of the Wild sequel apparently runs at a higher image quality than we’re used to seeing on Switch, features graphically taxing volumetric clouds, and also includes an increased draw distance that may be too much for the original Switch hardware to handle.

“This trailer was interesting because the image quality seemed quite good,” says Digital Foundry’s senior staff writer John Linneman. “I was a little bit surprised by how sharp and clear it looks, compared to the original in general.”

“I agree,” says Digital Foundry’s technology editor Richard Leadbetter. “The leap in image quality compared to the first title is stark, to say the least.” Recent footage of BOTW 2 runs at 1080p to 720p, which is higher than the 900p docked resolution of the original.

While Leadbetter still thinks the higher resolution could be feasible on native hardware thanks to dynamic resolution scaling, Digital Foundry’s video producer Alex Battaglia seems convinced that Breath of the Wild 2’s recent footage definitely wasn’t taken from an original Switch.

When asked if BOTW 2 was actually running on the Switch, Battaglia said: “I honestly don’t think it is. We’ve seen volumetric clouds very rarely on Switch, and these don’t break down super obviously. Camera cuts also have perfect anti-aliasing, which is even rare for an Xbox Series X or PlayStation 5 game. It could be the next Switch.”

When Battaglia suggests the trailer may have been rendered at a higher resolution, Linneman rightly points out that Nintendo rarely does that. “The thing is, Alex, they never do that. In terms of actual resolution bumps to their trailers, I don’t think they ever really do that,” says Linneman. Nintendo tends to show its games running natively on original hardware, while other companies like Sony and Microsoft often show games running on high-end PCs.

So, could Breath of the Wild 2 be a cross-generational title and a sign that the Switch Pro is still a possibility? “I generally think that since they are delaying it now, this is gonna be the equivalent of what we saw with Breath of the Wild: it launches on the old and also on the new, and we see the nice benefits of the new regarding Switch Pro, Switch 2, Switch EX whatever,” says Battaglia.

It's a thrilling thought that Breath of the Wild 2 could be the launch title for a new Switch console but we'll have to wait for some kind of official announcement from Nintendo before we can be certain. 

Patent hints at Breath of the Wild 2 mechanics
Three recent patents filed by Nintendo could give us an insight into the gameplay mechanics of Breath of the Wild 2. As spotted by GameReactor (opens in new tab), the three patents have been registered with the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO). 

Each patent contains a diagram of what could be Link abilities for Breath of the Wild 2, with the connection being drawn between what’s shown in the patent and what we got to see in the game’s E3 2021 trailer (that's embedded above if you need a refresher). 

The first patent (opens in new tab), for instance, describes the ability “to perform a special action” while a character is falling such as “a shooting action of shooting a predetermined object.” The diagram in the patent shows a character falling through the air with their arms wide and it’s a strikingly similar pose to Link’s at around 25 seconds into the E3 trailer. 

A second patent (opens in new tab) describes “a designated object selected based on an operation input is caused to perform return movement to return to previously recorded positions and orientations, sequentially backward from the time of giving a start instruction based on the operation input.” That sounds like a way of saying Link might be able to focus on an object and reverse its trajectory. There’s a chance there’s a glimpse of this around the 44 second mark of the trailer, where Link appears to push back spiky chain balls that are rolling down a hill. 

Finally, there's a third patent (opens in new tab). This describes a scenario “in a virtual space including at least a player character and a terrain object” that’s above them. Basically, it appears the player would be able to move their character through the terrain object that’s above them. The trailer appears to show something similar to this at around the 50-second mark, where Link travels through the underside of a stone bridge to appear on top. 

While it looks as though these abilities made an appearance in the trailer, none of these mechanics have been confirmed by Nintendo so it’s best to treat this with a pinch of salt at the moment. 

Link and Zelda holding a torch enter a dark passageway

(Image credit: Nintendo)

A Nintendo Switch Pro could still be in the works
The release of the Nintendo Switch OLED put a dampener on those rumors of a high-powered, 4K Nintendo Switch Pro intended to launch with Breath of the Wild 2. However, according to Tokyo-based analyst Serkan Toto, a Nintendo Switch Pro could still happen. Toto has suggested that the Switch OLED might be a “dummy upgrade” before a real upgrade arrives next year.

Speaking to Bloomberg (opens in new tab), Toto said: “This new Switch looks more like an interim model than a real upgrade to me,” Toto told Bloomberg. “This might just be a dummy upgrade until Breath Of The Wild 2 is ready and the component shortage is over next year.”

April 2022 analysis of gameplay footage certainly suggests that more powerful hardware could be behind just how good the game looks. 

BOTW 2 and those Majora's Mask comparisons
Nintendo's Treehouse is always a great place to find new info on upcoming Nintendo games, and Breath of the Wild 2 is no different. Bill Trinen, Senior Product Marketing Manager of Nintendo of America, spoke of BOTW 2 in a recent broadcast with IGN, and its much-noted comparison to the relationship between the N64's Ocarina of Time and its sequel, Majora's Mask.

"I would say it’s an easy comparison or conclusion to jump to at this point in time, just given what’s been shown so far and given the nature of it being a direct sequel. So I understand people making that conclusion, but at the same time – and I don’t want to delve too much into it – but this is its own game”. 

However, whereas Majora's Mask reused lots of assets, Trinen wanted to make it clear that this is indeed a true sequel. “I think as we start to show a bit more of the game over the coming months to the next year or so, it’ll probably start to be a bit more apparent where this game stands on its own and what makes it so unique”.

"The way that [BOTW 2] builds on Breath of the Wild, which already was such an expansive game with so many layers of Link’s abilities and layers to the gameplay… I think this is going to layer quite a bit more into that”.

Ganondorf fan theory for BOTW 2
A Breath of the Wild 2 fan theory suggests that Ganondorf could be a playable character in segments of the game. Barrett Courtney of Kinda Funny (via GameSpot (opens in new tab)) has suggested (opens in new tab) that the Link we got a glimpse of in the new E3 2021 trailer is actually Ganondorf and that part of the game will involve players exploring the fall of Ganondorf. 

“This game will be learning about the fall of Ganondorf the man and then saving him from the evil that has been ruling over him for generations. And in doing so, we’ll break the cycle started by Demise.”

Continuing down this line, Courtney has suggested that the full name of BOTW 2 (still being kept under wraps by Nintendo) could be something like “Demise of the Wild”, making reference to Breath of the Wild and the corruption caused by Demise. 

Incidentally, Demise is one of the main antagonists of Skyward Sword, which is to be re-released on Switch later this year. Courtney suggests that a Skyward Sword port was a deliberate choice, “Fujibayashi wants to connect all 3 of his major games together and getting Skyward to Switch will give first timers the back story they need before BOTW2.”

Of course, there is evidence against the theory and until Nintendo reveals more about the game, we can’t be absolutely certain about the story that Breath of the Wild 2 will tell.

Link falling through the skies over Hyrule

(Image credit: Nintendo)

Voice acting misunderstanding
In a sign of just how much fans are looking for news on Breath of the Wild 2, an interview with the voice actors behind the Spanish dubs of Zelda and Revali in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild on Spanish podcast A Coffee with Nintendo was seized upon and caused some controversy (via IGN (opens in new tab)). 

In the interview it seemed to be suggested that the voice actors had finished their work on BOTW 2, leading fans to think that the game might be further along in its development than originally thought. However, this proved to be incorrect. It was later clarified that the voice actors were joking and that context was lost due to translation issues. In fact, it's not even confirmed that they're working on the sequel. So we're left with no further clues as to progress on Breath of the Wild 2. 

Link morphing through a stone platform high over Hyrule

(Image credit: Nintendo)

All the DLC that never was
In an interview with Kotaku (opens in new tab), Zelda series producer Eiji Aonuma said there were originally plans for more DLC content for BOTW, after The Champion's Ballad and Master Trials add-ons that came in 2017.

"Initially we were thinking of just DLC ideas," says Anouma. "But then we had a lot of ideas and we said, 'This is too many ideas, let’s just make one new game and start from scratch.'"

BOTW 2 will be a darker turn for the series
All we really know at this point is how little we know. But boy, are there rumors. The unexpected trailer sparked a huge amount of speculation, hopes and hot takes on what the next mainline Zelda title might include.

We've heard from Zelda series producer Eiji Aonuma that the game is going to have a darker tone than Breath of the Wild, and will even be "a little bit darker" than Majora's Mask (via IGN (opens in new tab)).

The trailer certainly supports this, with what looks like Ganondorf's corpse being resurrected by a disembodied hand, and seemingly imagery from 2006's Twilight Princess, which saw Hyrule turned into a bleak shadow realm – largely in response to the far cheerier and cartoonish The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker. That said, it won't be all doom and gloom - visually at least - as the E3 2021 trailer has at least indicated that we'll take to the skies and explore amongst the clouds.

An ominous view over Hyrule

(Image credit: Nintendo)

The Twilight realm
The glowing blue hand in the trailer is the biggest clue that we'll be seeing more of the Twili – shadow people descended from Hylians who tried to take the power of the Triforce for themselves. The hand is wrapped in twisting shapes reminiscent of Twilight architecture, while the swirling magic could remind some of the portals that let Twili invade Hyrule in the 2006 game.

We know that BOTW's dev team originally toyed with the idea of an alien invasion, and seeing shadow creatures teleport out of the sky could well have been what they have planned this time around.

A clue in the audio
Showing just how far some Zelda fans will go, reddit user u/ReroFunk (via Inverse (opens in new tab)) pieced together a pretty convincing theory regarding Twilight Princess villain Zant, a Twili who served Ganondorf in the game. If you listen to the trailer's audio in reverse, there are certain notes that seem to echo the music played during your final encounter with Zant – who, while defeated, is adamant he'll return through the power of his "god".

u/ReroFunk also suggests we could see the demon king Demise return for the next Zelda game. Demise was the final boss in Skyward Sword, and revealed to be the original form of Ganondorf. The below still from the Zelda trailer also looks a lot like Demise when you think about it.

Link paragliding through the clouds over Hyrule

(Image credit: Nintendo)

Zelda's turn in the spotlight?
One of the favorite fan theories doing the rounds regards the Hyrule princess herself. She's shown in the trailer with a practical short haircut, and is dressed in a manner pretty similar to Link's own adventurer's gear – leading some to think she may be a playable character.

Zelda's devs have seemed pretty dismissive of the idea of a female Link in the past – sadly – but we may in this game see sections playing as Zelda, or at least with her playing a more active role in the story.

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