New Samsung dual-screen smartphone could be in the works

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Samsung may be working on something a little different in its smartphone labs, and no, it's not another foldable phone. Instead, it may be a dual-display handset.

A recently published patent, which was originally filed back in July 2018, details a handset with a tall, 18.5:9 front display and a smaller screen on the rear.

Dual-screen smartphones aren't anything new, we've seen a smattering over the years, but none have managed to make a lasting impression on the market.

The front (L), back (M) and side profile (R). Image Credit: USPTO / Samsung

The front (L), back (M) and side profile (R). Image Credit: USPTO / Samsung (Image credit: US Patent Office / Samsung)

Second screen = no notch?

The rear display looks to have an aspect ratio of 4:3, making it rather square and suggesting it won't be designed for video or gaming. 

The likelihood is this second display will provide notification updates and details such as the time, date, weather and latest news, without the need to fire up the larger, more power-intensive display on the front.

There doesn't appear to be a front-facing selfie camera in the design drawings, which means the secondary display could also act as a viewfinder for all your gratuitous selfie snapping.

What this does mean is Samsung can ditch the punch-hole cameras we saw on the Galaxy S10 and Galaxy S10 Plus, to provide an uninterrupted, all-screen display on the front.

Don't get too excited just yet though, as there's no guarantee Samsung will launch a handset like this - there are plenty of patents that never see the light of day.

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