NES Classic Edition is available in 6 bundles on ThinkGeek right now [Update]

Update 1:50pm PT: ThinkGeek's sale has been live for less than two hours but already all of the bundles are out of stock. In fact, each bundle's page says, "This product is no longer available," with another line adding, "Unfortunately we don't carry this item anymore[.]"

We've asked a ThinkGeek representative when more NES Mini consoles could become available, and we'll update this story if we hear back.

Original article below...

Upset you missed out on buying an NES Classic Edition before Nintendo ended production for good? Cheer up, because we've got good news for you.

ThinkGeek has got its hands on the Nintendo Classic Mini, and it's selling the tiny, nostalgia-fueled console in six bundles. The bundles all include an NES Mini along with Nintendo-themed merchandise.

Note that ThinkGeek's supplies are going quickly, so if any of these grab your attention, we suggest acting fast. There's a limit of one purchase per customer, and sales are only available to those in the US. 

If you miss your chance now, there's always the SNES Classic Mini to look forward to when it launches on September 29. But be warned: just like the NES Classic before it, pre-orders for the tiny SNES are already selling out.

NES Classic Edition bundles

NES Classic Edition plus three canvases, puzzle and puppet for $139.99 Snag an NES Mini, three canvases adorned with classic game iconography, a Legend of Zelda: Classic puzzle (550 pieces equals hours of fun), and a Mario Piranha Planet puppet (adorbs) for $139.99.

NES Classic Edition plus book, lamp and puzzle for $149.99 NES Classic Edition? Check. Playing with Power, a book all about NES Classics? Check. Mario Question Block lamp by which to read said book? Check. World 1-2 puzzle for all you Super Mario Bros. fans? You better believe it.

NES Classic Edition plus slate and shield backpack, sketch book and travel mug for $159.99 Zelda fans, this is for you. Nab an NES Mini, a Breath of the Wild Sheikah Slate sketchbook, Breath of the Wild Shield backpack and Zelda travel mug for $159.99. Play cool, look cool, drink cool.

NES Classic Edition plus Tetris lamp and book for $149.99 Yes, the NES Mini will provide you hours of interactive fun. But the stackable LED Tetris desk lamp included in this bundle is also awesome, if not a procrastination sink-hole waiting to happen. You'll also get a copy of Playing with Power, as if you needed another reason not to get work done.

NES Classic Edition plus Mega Man helmet and 8-bit pin set for $169.99 Keeping with the game-specific themes, this bundle is perfect for Mega Man fans. Not only do you get the NES Classic, but also a Mega Man helmet replica and collectible Mega Man enamel pins in an 8-bit style. Let your fandom be known!

NES Classic Edition plus wearable Mega Man helmet, Proto Man Buster, and Mega Buster Gun mug for $219.99 If you want to take it one step further, this NES Classic Edition bundle includes a Mega Man helmet you can actually wear, a Proto Man Buster replica (also wearable), and a Buster Gun mug. Will you wear your helmet and Buster while playing your NES Mini? We certainly hope so.

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