Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 'lite' promises even less than the full fat model

Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 'lite' promises even less than the full fat model
Like this, but 'liter'

Samsung looks set to launch a mini version of its Galaxy Tab 3 in Vegas next month, with rock-bottom specs leaving us hoping for a rock-bottom price tag.

With CES 2014 waiting for us on the other side of Christmas, it's no surprise that the hardware leaks are flowing fast, and that's when we're expecting to see Samsung make the Galaxy Tab 3 Lite official.

Not that we're falling over ourselves with excitement: word is that the device will come with a 7-inch 1024 x 600 screen (not an amazingly high resolution), a 1.2GHz dual-core A9 processor (not an amazingly fresh one) and Android 4.2 Jelly Bean which is two iterations out of date.

Diet tab

It's pretty clear that the Tab 3 Lite isn't aimed at the high-end of things, so let's not get carried away comparing it to the iPad mini - that's assuming Samsung does the right thing and sets the pricing somewhere around the $129 / £100 / AU$135 mark.

If you're after something Samsung-made but more powerful then we'd steer you clear of the Galaxy Tab range altogether and point you towards the Note line-up which have fared well in our reviews across the board.

Sadly, the same can't be said for the Samsung Galaxy Tab line-up.

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