Google's trying to boot Windows out of Android devices, apparently

Google s trying to boot Windows out of Android devices apparently

Google is unhappy about sharing devices with Microsoft, claims a new report, and is trying to dissuade manufacturers from releasing devices that dual boot Windows and Android.

According to Digitimes (sometimes right, sometimes not), Google is putting "pressure" on Asus to postpone the release of its Transformer Book Duet TD300 hybrid, which comes running both operating systems.

The report goes on to claim that "other PC vendors now also have intentions to stop plans for producing products featuring dual operating system features"

'Sorry, there's just no room'

As such a big player in the market, it wouldn't be a surprising move from Google – dual-booting with Windows is only really going to benefit Microsoft.

As for how successful Google might be at ousting its rival from the bed, it's tough to tell. Intel and Microsoft could reap a lot of rewards from jumping in with Android, so Mountain View better hope it has enough charm to sway manufacturers.

That is, if any of this is true at all. We've contacted Asus for comment on the availability of the TD300 and will update when we hear more.