128 GB Surface Pro online orders to take two to three weeks

Surface Pro
Supply and demanding

A post on the official Surface Blog yesterday informed consumers that online orders for the 128 GB model of the Surface Pro tablet will arrive by March 1.

That is, as long as supplies last through the online Microsoft Store, orders for the 128 GB Surface Pro will take two to three weeks to ship.

The blog post also indicated that inventory of the Windows 8, Intel-sporting tablet PC at Best Buy locations has been increasing, and reservations could be made for both models based on inventory levels.

Staples is apparently also getting in some new shipments of the device, although it is only going to sell the 128 GB model online, where it is currently out of stock.

On the Surface

Microsoft has not yet indicated whether the issue with the supply shortage of the Surface Pro is due to supply chain issues or just an outpacing demand.

The Surface blog only remarks that Microsoft is "excited by the demand for Surface Pro and [continues] to work around the clock to meet that demand with production and get new inventory into retail."

Just four days after the February 9th release of the Surface Pro, Microsoft was already reeling from shortages, and promised consumers that more stock would be in by this weekend.

Whatever the speculation surrounding Microsoft's inability to meet demand for their entrance into the world of hardware manufacturing, the market has made one thing clear: 64 GB just isn't enough storage for a full PC tablet.

Via ZDNet