Mint Mobile's latest iPhone 12 Mini deal is a real hidden gem

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While we've seen some fantastic iPhone 12 Mini deals in the past few months at the larger carriers (Verizon, and AT&T especially), there's one particular promotion at a smaller carrier that we're rather fond of...

Mint Mobile, one of the most popular prepaid carriers, has an ongoing promotion right now that can bag you both the iPhone 12 Mini and an unlimited data plan for two years for just $60 a month. Ok, so this isn't quite as flashy as some of the iPhone 12 Mini deals we've seen from the bigger carriers, but, considering this all-inclusive promotion is coming in at around $20 cheaper than the average unlimited data plan at the larger carriers alone - we'd say it's a real hidden gem.

Released back in November of last year, the iPhone 12 Mini is the smallest device in the latest range of smartphones from Apple, but don't discount it - it's every bit as powerful as its larger siblings, just a little bit more palm-friendly. It's straight-up a fantastic choice if you want a smaller device that still packs a punch and a great pairing with any unlimited data plan.

But, why consider Mint Mobile's unlimited plan? Well, simply put its standalone usual price of $30/mo positions it as one of the cheapest unlimited cell phone plans on the market right now. Using T-Mobile's 5G network makes it a great pairing with the iPhone 12 Mini too, although it's worth noting speeds do get capped after 35GB of data usage each month. 

Still, this iPhone 12 Mini deal from Mint is fantastic, and, If you'd like to read more about Mint Mobile's unlimited plan, we recommend checking out our guides to the best Mint Mobile plans, Mint Mobile phones, or Mint Mobile deals this month.

iPhone 12 Mini deals at Mint Mobile

Apple iPhone 12 Mini + 2 years of unlimited data | $60/month

Apple iPhone 12 Mini + 2 years of unlimited data | $60/month
For cheap, all-inclusive iPhone 12 Mini deals, Mint Mobile has the competition thoroughly beat this month. Right now the carrier is selling both the handset itself and two years of an unlimited plan for just $60 a month in combination. For context, that's around $20 cheaper than the average 1-line unlimited data plan at most of the bigger carriers, and that's without the device cost included.

If you'd like to see what other carriers are offering, or would like to see what other models are available, see our main iPhone deals page.

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