Microsoft teases new keyboard covers ahead of Surface Pro launch

Update: Microsoft has now officially revealed the Surface Pro at its press event in Shanghai.

Microsoft confirmed that it’s about to launch a new Surface Pro device complete with fresh keyboard covers at a press event in Shanghai today, courtesy of a tweet from the executive in charge of Surface hardware.

Yesterday, Panos Panay, Corporate VP of Devices at Microsoft, tweeted: “Working session. 30 hours to go. #MicrosoftEvent #Surface #Shanghai.”

The message was accompanied by a picture of new Type Cover keyboards for the Surface (see below), clearly showing that these will be launched – probably among other accessories – with what surely must be a new Surface Pro.

This backs previous rumors which have shown us what the new hybrid will look like: pretty much the same as the old Surface Pro 4.

Indeed, as has previously been reported, this isn’t the Surface Pro 5 – rather the device will simply be called the Surface Pro, ditching the numbers entirely and only being a minor refresh. We heard on the grapevine last month that this iteration is most likely a basic upgrade of the hardware innards including adding Kaby Lake processors.

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What will Surface?

Panay further tweeted a video five hours ago, with the message: “I love our fans. Here’s to you. #Surface.”

At the end of the video clip, one of the fans commenting says of Microsoft’s Surface range: “I really can’t wait to see what they’ll come up with next.”

It seems we’re just about to find out at the Shanghai event, which kicks off at midday BST (4:00 PT or 7:00 ET in the US). Stay tuned for our full coverage of the launch, and fingers crossed for something unexpected popping up, or a more major Surface Pro refresh than we anticipate.

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