Microsoft has fixed one of Google Chrome's most annoying quirks

Google Chrome
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A Microsoft developer has fixed a particularly annoying quirk in Google Chrome that can result in you accidentally losing your current tab.

When you need to upload a file to a website (if you're adding an attachment to an email, for example, or using a PDF to Word converter), you'll often be given the option to drag and drop it onto the page rather than browsing for it using File Explorer. It can be a real time-saver, but it also has the potential to go wrong.

If you accidentally drop your file outside the prescribed area, it will open in Chrome instead of being uploaded – and will appear in your current tab, taking you away from the site you were using.

In a best-case scenario, this is only a slight annoyance that can be resolved with a quick click of the back button. However, if you entered a lot of information into a form before trying to upload the file, you might have to start again from scratch. If you were doing something uploading a resume after completing a complex job application form, that could be incredibly frustrating.

Keeping tabs

Thankfully, that's set to change thanks to the work of a Microsoft Edge engineer, who has developed a fix that will be applied to Edge and Chrome (both of which are based on Chromium). 

As 9to5Google reports, very soon the default behavior of both browsers will change so files that are dropped on top of a page will open in a new tab rather than taking over the current one. It's a small change, but one that could save you a lot of hassle.

The fix has already been implemented in Chrome Canary, and is expected to roll out in the release versions of both Chrome and Edge over the coming weeks. 

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