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Prime Day gaming deals sales live - great deals on PS5 SSDs, gaming PCs, Xbox storage, and Nintendo Switch games

Prime Day gaming deals to fill your basket

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We're into the second half of Prime Day and the hours are counting down to scoop up the best Prime Day gaming deals.

We've seen console bundles discounted, first-party games with big reductions, and some of the best (and worst) peripherals going for significantly less than their RRP. 

We'll be singling out the best PS5, Xbox Series X, and Nintendo Switch deals for you so stick with us to make sure you don't miss any excellent deals before the end of Prime Day.

There are loads of deals already live and sellers will be publishing more throughout the next day. So be sure to check back here often to make sure you don’t miss any of the best discounts.

We’ll be looking out for the best console bundles and in particular any discounts on PS5s, as the much-in-demand console is in dire need of a price cut after being out in the wild for nearly two years.

Our top Prime Day gaming deals in the US

Our top Prime Day gaming deals in the UK

Right now, the best gaming deals are largely at Amazon - but Best Buy and Walmart will have some good deals throughout the day in the US, and UK retailers such as Currys and John Lewis will also be posting deals and we’ll share those here as we spot them. As Prime day continues, we'll be sniffing out the best gaming deals we can find.


Descent: Legends of the Dark Prime Day deal

(Image credit: Future)

If you’re a board game fan then be sure to check out our roundup on all the best Prime Day board game deals we’re seeing right now.

The current discounts on Descent: Legends of The Dark are particularly notable. The biggest board game of last year is down to its lowest-ever price, meaning you can pick it up for just $87.48 right now in the US (that’s a staggering 50% discount) or for £90.99 in the UK (a 20% discount).

Its full retail price tag is almost as hefty as its 4kg box so, while this is still quite a chunk of cash to spend on a board game, it’s well worth the money given that its replayability will keep you playing for months or even years to come.

Not in the US or UK? Don’t worry, you’ll find the best prices for Descent Legends of the Dark in your region, below:

Poster for It Takes Two

(Image credit: Hazelight Studios)

Things are better when we work together. And sometimes working together just results in a bitter argument. But if you want to take the risk then it’s worth checking out these excellent Prime Day deals on co-op games in the UK.

Right now, you can pick up the critically acclaimed It Takes Two for just £15.99 on PS4 (the lowest price it’s been yet), the Lego Harry Potter Collection for under £20 on Switch and the recently released Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga Classic Character DLC Edition on Xbox for just under £30.

But if you’re not in the UK, don’t fret. Below, you’ll find the best prices for co-op games right now in your region:

 If you’re on the hunt for a new gaming chair then it can be difficult to separate the wheat from the chaff. Luckily TechRadar’s Computing Editor Christian Guyton is here to help and has wrangled together a list of 13 gaming chair deals that are worth your money.

Some of the highlights from Christian’s picks include a $194 discount on the Razer Iskur X in the US and £100 off the Corsair T3 Rush in the UK, with both chairs offering the lumbar support your back has been craving.

If you’re not in the UK or US, however, you can find the best prices for top gaming chairs in your region, below:

PS5 console and DualSense controller

(Image credit: Sony)

Amazon Prime Day has been pretty excellent for PS5 SSD deals this year. But if this is your first time buying, how can you tell which internal SSD is right for you?

We’ve put together a handy explainer letting you know how to spot a PS5 SSD at a glance, as well as which ones you should consider buying. We also go into detail about what to look out for in our best PS5 SSD guide.

And if you’re outside of the US and UK, we’ve rounded up the best PS5 SSD deals where you live right here:

We’ve seen loads of Xbox game deals this Amazon Prime Day… but is that really a good thing? Xbox Game Pass is still one of the best deals in gaming, allowing you to download tons of fantastic games, all for the cost of a monthly subscription. Xbox Game Pass has kind of ruined Prime Day for Xbox owners.

If you’ve just recently picked up an Xbox Series X|S console, we’d recommend skipping Xbox game deals on Prime Day entirely, and checking out Xbox Game Pass or Xbox Game Pass Ultimate instead.

Check out the best Xbox Game Pass deals where you live here:

Super Mario Odyssey

(Image credit: Nintendo)

The Nintendo tax is a well-documented phenomenon, with the publisher's first-party games fiercely holding onto their full retail value for years after release. Which makes it all the more painful that while a Super Mario Bros game has been discounted for Prime Day, it's the wrong Super Mario Bros game.

Not only that, in the UK, the wrong Zelda has been discounted, too. If you;re in the US, you're in luck, you can get the right Zelda (The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild) for a 33% discount.

PS Plus Collection logo

(Image credit: Sony)

If your finger is hovering over the PS Plus deal on Amazon right now, you just holster that digit. This is not the time to buy a PS Plus subscription, the deal is just nowhere near good enough and we know when it will be getting a better discount.

As Vic writes in this handy explainer: "Prime Day is not the best time to pick up or renew PS Plus if you want a decent discount, especially if you want to benefit from savings for years to come. 

"Black Friday is the one time you can actually guarantee the price will drop across a number of retailers. Last year, for example, we saw a 12-month PS Plus subscription fall to just £29.95 at ShopTo in the UK, and to just $36.99 at CD Keys in the US. "

Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity

(Image credit: Nintendo)

Hyped for Breath of the Wild 2? You might want to check out the series' incredible spinoff, Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity. Right now, Amazon UK has the musou game hacked and slashed at 33% off. That's just £33.07 for this awesome Nintendo Switch title.

Even if Dynasty Warriors-style games aren't usually to your liking, you might want to give Age of Calamity a look if you're a Zelda fan. It's got great combat and bags of content tied in the familiar setting of Breath of the Wild's apocalyptic Hyrule.

Not in the UK? Here's all the best Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity deals where you are:

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe showing Mario racing Bowser

(Image credit: Nintendo)

Mario's gone mad over at Amazon US. Well, not really, but he's bringing some very tasty Nintendo Switch discounts as part of the Prime Day sales.

Right now, you can grab Super Mario 3D World + Bowser's Fury, bundled with a 12-month Nintendo Switch Online subscription, for just $59.99.

And if platforming isn't your thing, another bundle swaps out 3D World for Mario Kart 8 Deluxe. Once again, at just 60 bucks.

That latter deal is especially compelling, if you've somehow avoided buying Mario Kart 8 Deluxe to this day. If you have, you're getting quite simply one of the best kart racers of all time, and a years' worth of Nintendo Switch Online to boot.

Not in the US? Here's the best Nintendo Switch Online deals where you are:

A Jaguar racing around a track in Gran Turismo 7

(Image credit: Polyphony Digital)

Want to play Gran Turismo 7, but could never stomach that £70 price tag? There's good news over at Amazon UK, where the PS5 racing sim has been discounted to just £56.99.

In our Gran Turismo 7 review, we scored the racer a perfect 5 stars, celebrating the series' excellent return to form with superb single player offerings and an entire car boot's worth of content to drive into.

Visually gorgeous, loads of fun to play and with surprisingly excellent DualSense controller features, GT7 is a real PS5 powerhouse.

Not in the UK? Here's the best Gran Turismo 7 deals live where you are:

Sonic Mania

(Image credit: Sega)

Now here's a great deal on a pair of superb Sonic games for Nintendo Switch. This double pack of Sonic Mania and Team Sonic Racing has a sizeable 25% discount at Amazon US. Right now, you can pick up the bundle for just $29.99.

Sonic Mania is a critically acclaimed return to form for the blue blur and pals. Returning to Sonic's 2D roots, Mania features zones both old and new, making for a game that's as close to perfect as Sonic has ever been.

Team Sonic Racing is the less stellar of the two here, but it's still well worth checking out if you were a fan of the incredible Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed. It has loads of playable characters, a stacked single player campaign and one hell of a good soundtrack.

Not in the US? Check out the best deals for Sonic Mania and Team Sonic Racing where you live: