Grab your buddy: there are a bunch of co-op games on offer this Prime Day

Rainbow Six Extraction
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It’s often said that co-op can make any game instantly better. So a great game that’s designed from the ground up to be played in close coordination with your best buds? That’s instantly wonderful.

It’s Prime Day, and it just so happens that a bunch of the games Amazon has discounted for the event are perfect for co-op. On the big-budget side, you’ve got Left 4 Dead’s successor, Back 4 Blood, and a creepier, slower take on the same idea, Rainbow Six Extraction. Then at the more esoteric end, there’s Human: Fall Flat and It Takes Two, both acclaimed platformers with unique quirks.

Hey: perhaps you can even split the cost between you and a friend for further savings. That way you can begin your cooperative wins before you’ve even booted up the first of your new games.

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Today's best Prime Day co-op game deals

Human: Fall Flat - Anniversary Edition (Nintendo Switch): £29.99

Human: Fall Flat - Anniversary Edition (Nintendo Switch): £29.99 £19.99 at Amazon
Save £10 - While not the lowest price we've seen Human Fall Flat (it's gone down to £16.99 in the past), this is a significant discount on the physics-led platformer. If you're looking for a co-op adventure full of slapstick mishaps, Human: Fall Flat is a great start.

Human: Fall Flat - Anniversary Edition (Xbox One): £19.99

Human: Fall Flat - Anniversary Edition (Xbox One): £19.99 £12.99 at Amazon
Save £7 - This is the lowest price we've seen Human Fall Flat on Xbox One by a good £6. If you're keen to try out this slapstick-filled, physics-led platformer, this is the best price to do it at.

Back 4 Blood (PS5): £24.99

Back 4 Blood (PS5): £24.99 £17.49 at Amazon
Save £7.50
– Although slightly cheaper in a previous sale, 30% is a decent saving on what’s widely considered to be the closest thing to a Left 4 Dead 3. In our Back 4 Blood review, we particularly praised its card system, which adds a strategic metagame to the low-brow business of shooting everything that shambles or sprints. Includes an Amazon exclusive AR badge, too, if you’re into that.

Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Extraction Limited Edition (PS5): £24.99

Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Extraction Limited Edition (PS5): £24.99 £17.99 at Amazon
Save £7.00
– While nobody can claim that Extraction is a beloved FPS, it’s a fascinating mixture of XCOM-style metagame and coordinated stealth shooting. And given that it came out this year, you can’t argue with a price like this. Especially not when you need to stay quiet, on pain of being gobbled by aliens.

It Takes Two (PS4): £34.99

It Takes Two (PS4): £34.99 £15.99 at Amazon
Save £19.00 - This isn't the first time we've seen It Takes Two reduced to this price but that was back in December, so if you're wanting to pick up this playful co-op game now's a good time. It is one of the best two-player games in recent years.

The Crew 2 (PC): £49.99

The Crew 2 (PC): £49.99 £8.39 at Amazon
Save £41.60 - A deep discount on Ubisoft’s open world racer, which still hasn’t been supplanted with a new sequel. Of course, as noted in our review of The Crew 2, Forza Horizon has left this series in the dust. But Ubi’s coast-to-coast take on the States is worth seeing at least once for a road trip.

Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga Classic Character DLC Edition (Xbox Series S|X, Xbox One): £49.99

Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga Classic Character DLC Edition (Xbox Series S|X, Xbox One): £49.99 £29.99 at Amazon
Save £20 - This is the cheapest we've seen the Lego Skywalker Saga, and it's a hefty discount for a game that only released three months ago. If you're looking for a light co-op game to play with your friends or partner, this is a great pick. You don't have to be a Star Wars buff to enjoy its varied gameplay, but any fans of the galaxy far, far away will be keen to grab the Classic Character DLC that comes with this Amazon edition.

Lego Harry Potter Collection (Nintendo Switch): £34.99

Lego Harry Potter Collection (Nintendo Switch): £34.99 £19.95 at Amazon
Save £15 - The Lego Harry Potter Collection bundles two games in one, letting you play through the entirety of the blocky boy-wizard's saga. While the collection has been out for a good few years now, its price rarely drops as low as this. Any wannabe wizards or witches will want to grab it before a boggart snatches it away.

The Lego games have long been a good bet for family-friendly collaboration, as well as, if we’re honest, Gen X and millennial nostalgia. As such, we’ve highlighted a couple of the best-loved examples above – but if you’re looking for a comprehensive list, check out our roundup of Lego games deals.

The Crew 2, meanwhile, may be pitched as a driving MMO – but it’s rooted in the idea of joining up with a handful of others to travel across the US together. For £8.39, you can hare through its co-op challenges as, well, a crew.

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While the discounts mentioned so far are for the UK only, Prime Day is a global phenomenon. Look below to find the best prices for co-op games in your region.

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