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When I was at university, trying to play Team Fortress 2 on a crappy old office laptop in my cramped (yet still expensive) student housing, I spent a full year using a folding wooden garden chair for gaming. I'm never going back to those days, and neither should you; a gaming setup deserves luxury, but more importantly, it needs good back support.

So I've catalogued the very best deals on gaming chairs this Prime Day, and it's a mixed bag; if you're British, you can enjoy a wider variety of discounts from trusted manufacturers, but Americans have a smaller range to choose from - unless you're willing to brave the lesser-known brands.

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Today's best US Prime Day gaming chair deals

Razer Iskur X: $399 $195 at AmazonSave $194 -

Razer Iskur X: $399 $195 at Amazon
Save $194 - Razer's slightly more affordable X-model of the Iskur gaming chair is no less comfortable than the pricier original, swapping out fabric for a synthetic leather finish and properly adopting that iconic black-and-green Razer styling.

Razer Iskur: $499 $350 at AmazonSave $149 -

Razer Iskur: $499 $350 at Amazon
Save $149 - This premium gaming chair from Razer is a plush wonder with 4D armrests and super-soft foam cushioning wrapped in gray fabric. Fully adjustable lumbar support means you can game in comfort for longer.

Respawn RSP-200: $290 $170 at AmazonSave $120 -

Respawn RSP-200: $290 $170 at Amazon
Save $120 - If you're looking for a more sensibly-priced gaming chair but don't want to risk dodgy knock-off brands, check out Respawn's range. This racing-style chair packs 4D armrests and a mesh backing to help you stay cool, and comes with Respawn's 5-year warranty too.

Secretlab Titan Evo: $850 $649 at AmazonSave $251 -

Secretlab Titan Evo: $850 $649 at Amazon
Save $251 - Secretlab's ludicrously-priced Titan Evo 2022 edition gaming chair is quite heavily discounted this Prime Day, though it's still far from a budget purchase. That moolah gets you an extremely high-end throne, though, with full recline, robust construction, and a snap-on magnetic memory foam headrest.

Atelerix Ventris: $189 $111 at AmazonSave $78 -

Atelerix Ventris: $189 $111 at Amazon
Save $78 - Atelerix is a lesser-known budget gaming chair brand, owned by German sports company Joola. The Ventris is arguably their best chair, a racing-style seat with PU leather and 4D armrests that come with removable fabric sleeves, in case you don't like resting your elbows on hard plastic.

Fantasylab Big and Tall: $325 $260 at AmazonSave $65 -

Fantasylab Big and Tall: $325 $260 at Amazon
Save $65 - Okay, we're not seriously recommending this one, but come on - we couldn't ignore it. This 'Copmputer Game Chair' (yup, that's from the Amazon listing) packs 'explosion-proof gas springs' (what!?) and four USB-powered fans that nestle underneath your backside. What could go wrong?

Today's best UK Prime Day gaming chair deals

Corsair T3 Rush: £300 £200 at AmazonSave £100 -

Corsair T3 Rush: £300 £200 at Amazon
Save £100 - For our money, this is the single best gaming chair deal in the UK this Prime Day. A third off Corsair's kick-ass T3 Rush in charcoal and grey, with its 4D armrests, memory foam back, and sturdy steel frame? Yes please.

Corsair T1 Race: £300 £207 at AmazonSave £93 -

Corsair T1 Race: £300 £207 at Amazon
Save £93 - Another excellent gaming chair from Corsair, the T1 Race offers a black synthetic leather finish and ergonomic design for a sleek and comfortable (but animal-friendly!) chair. Models with bright coloured accents are also available, albeit at smaller discounts.

Razer Iskur: £500 £300 at AmazonSave £200 -

Razer Iskur: £500 £300 at Amazon
Save £200 - This premium gaming chair from Razer is a plush wonder with 4D armrests and super-soft foam cushioning wrapped in synthetic leather, with fabric versions also available. Fully adjustable lumbar support means you can game in comfort for longer.

Razer Enki: £400 £340 at AmazonSave £60 -

Razer Enki: £400 £340 at Amazon
Save £60 - If you're in the market for a pink gaming chair this Prime Day, the Razer Enki is the best one you can buy right now. Soft foam padding and integrated lumbar support make this a great choice of PC gaming throne - and yes, it does come in black too.

AndaSeat Kaiser 2: £350 £280 at AmazonSave £70 -

AndaSeat Kaiser 2: £350 £280 at Amazon
Save £70 - AndaSeat is one of our favourite gaming chair manufacturers, offering many chairs designed in collaboration with esports teams. The Kaiser 2 is a more straightforward option, with a clean black design joined by big, detachable neck and lumbar support cushions.

AndaSeat Jungle 2: £300 £220 at AmazonSave £80 -

AndaSeat Jungle 2: £300 £220 at Amazon
Save £80 - The best Prime Day deal on an ergonomic gaming chair with a built-in retractable footrest, hands (feet?) down. The premium Jungle 2 chair is almost a third off, and matches AndaSeat's other chairs in comfort, build quality, and refined aesthetic.

X-Rocker Maverick: £100 £82 at AmazonSave £18 -

X-Rocker Maverick: £100 £82 at Amazon
Save £18 - For a more budget pick this Prime Day, we recommend the X-Rocker Maverick. It might lack the adjustable armrests and removable cushions of more expensive gaming chairs, but this is a compact and comfortable desk chair with a soft PU leather finish.

It's a cheap knock-off circus on US Amazon when it comes to gaming chairs, and sometimes it feels like they're not even trying. Noblewell and Fantasylab are no replacement for Noblechairs and Secretlab, trust me. Still, there are a few good offers here - Razer's excellent Iskur X is almost $200 off, a seriously good deal, and the Atelerix Ventris is a solid pick for anyone on a tighter budget.

When it comes to buying a gaming chair, look at all the features carefully. Good lumbar and neck support are a must if you're going to be engaging in lengthy gaming sessions, as these can help prevent neck and back pain. Also, consider whether you really need 4D armrests (this means they can be adjusted along three axes and also rotated) or if you could save some cash by skipping that feature.

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