LG Rollable smartphone is one step closer to reality

LG Rollable
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The LG Rollable was first teased late last year, and it seems the phone is one step closer to reality with a new certification that suggests the handset will be ready for market in the near future.

The LG Rollable has been spotted receiving its Bluetooth SIG certification, which is usually a step a smartphone goes through when it's close to being released.

This doesn't give us much more detail about the smartphone or when we'll be seeing it, but it's a shot of confidence for those who were uncertain if the LG Rollable would ever see the light of day.

Earlier in 2021, a note sent to LG employees suggested the company was eyeing a potential exit from the phones market. That threw the release of the LG Rollable and any upcoming LG phones into a state of flux.

LG's global head of corporate communications, Ken Hong, has previously called these rumors "completely false and without merit”. This new Bluetooth certification doesn't confirm that, but it's a big hint that there are more LG phones to come.

The SIG certification includes the name LG Rollable, and the device's model number which is LM-R910N, as well as the wording of "End Product" that suggests it's almost ready to be available on shop shelves.

When will we hear more about the LG Rollable? There's no telling when LG will be releasing its first rollable smartphone, but it may be we hear about it in the next couple of months if it's already ready for this element of the certification process.

Via XDA Developers

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