James Bond movies are coming to Amazon Prime Video in April – but not in the UK

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The James Bond movies will arrive on Amazon Prime Video to stream from 1 April, it was revealed last week, and in 4K UHD to boot. Unfortunately, though, Amazon Prime Video UK subscribers won't be able to stream the movies, we've confirmed. 

The payload of movies will include all 20 pre-Daniel Craig James Bond films (and the non-canonical Never Say Never Again), according to listings published on outlets like our sister site GamesRadar. We've confirmed with an Amazon Prime Video UK spokesperson that James Bond movies won't be available on the service. 

It's not a huge surprise, because negotiating rights globally can be a tricky business, hence why streaming services like Netflix have so much disparity in content between regions. 

It's unclear if the rights to stream James Bond movies in the UK will pop up elsewhere. Back in 2012, for example, around the release of Skyfall, Sky ran a James Bond-themed channel that showed all of the movies back-to-back.

That doesn't mean it's that hard to watch all the Bond movies in the UK, of course, given how many versions have been released on home video over the years, but streaming them in 4K would've been a treat. The Daniel Craig Bond movies are available on 4K Blu-ray in the UK, but not the others. 

You can still pick up the Blu-ray collection of all existing 24 movies, though. The next film, No Time To Die, releases in the UK on November 12, delayed from its original May release window.

Bond needs a streaming home

James Bond movies have been available to stream before, with Netflix US having several of the earlier films up until May 2019, but it would be nice if Bond had a more permanent streaming home like how the Star Wars movies now live on Disney Plus. Prime Video would've been perfect. 

In the meantime, you can still buy all the movies on Prime Video, and the DVDs have been a mainstay of dads' bookcases since the beginning of the medium. You probably have some way of watching these movies already, but it still would've been nice to stream them.

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