Apple rolls out iOS 11.2.6 update for the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch

Were you a victim of the recent ‘Telugu Unicode’ bug that's doing the rounds? Stuck with your iPhone looping reboots and your Springboard being out of control? In the past couple of days, dozens of iOS users have been victimized by trolls on Twitter who took complete advantage of the Telugu bug.

Well, Apple is on point and has already released a new update for iPhones, iPads and iPods. The iOS 11.2.6 update takes care of the Telugu Unicode bug as well as issues of external accessories not being able to connect with select apps. 

The bug left users with limited options between either logging in with a non-Apple device to delete the notification that was causing the issue or run a device frame upgrade (DFU) for the whole system. 

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The iOS 11.2.6, the eleventh upgrade, is a minor update that didn’t even go through any beta tests before being released to the public. It hasn’t added any new notable features to Apple devices that will implement the upgrade.

iOS 11.3 update

The 11.3 update, currently in its beta testing phase, is highly anticipated and is required in order for Apple to correct its performance throttling nightmare. During December last year, the company admitted to a lack of transparency with respect to the issue involving battery degradation.

Basically, what happened was that Apple was knowingly slowing down the performance of iPhones that had degraded batteries so that they wouldn’t shutdown unexpectedly. This would be fine, but because the users were unaware, it turned into a whole other ball game. A lot of them ended up buying new phones rather than replace their batteries to solve the problem. 

It’s expected that this update will give users the option to decide whether or not they want their devices to be throttled. That is to say, that they will be able manually choose whether to keep their phones working at full speed as well as receive notification when the battery has degraded beyond certain point.

Regardless of Apple having issued a formal apology, over 26 class action lawsuits are currently filed against them. 

It’s nice to see Apple being more proactive about their consumers and attempting to make amends for past errors. Even in the Steve Jobs era, the company had to face the Antennagate controversy around the iPhone 4. The question that remains on everyone’s mind, now more prominent than ever, is that, does Apple have what it takes to stay in the game?

Nonetheless, the iOS 11.2.6 update was required considering the extent to which it caused disruptions on Apple devices. The Telugu Unicode bug can hopefully be put to rest and Apple users don’t have to be afraid to log into their Twitter accounts anymore. 

May this be the end of the ‘killer symbols’.

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