UK Broadband offers 'fibre' speeds without the need for a landline

UK Broadband offers 'fibre' speeds without the need for a landline
Students rejoice

Sick of landlines? So is mobile operator UK Broadband, which has just launched a 4G internet service that will deliver "fibre-fast" speeds without the need for a landline connection.

Relish, as the service is named, will be available in central London starting today, hoping to disrupt the market and pose a threat to BT and other competitors by going wireless.

It's offering a home broadband deal for £20 a month including VAT and a business deal for £25 with VAT excluded.

For both of those you'll get unlimited 30Mbps (on average) broadband delivered via 4G with no need for a landline rental.

No more tethers

You'll also be pleased to hear that you can sign up for a 30-day rolling contract, however opting for a 12-month plan means you won't have to cough up £50 for the hub that you'll need to run the service.

Relish is only available in "Central London" for the time being. UK Broadband told us that this stretches as far as Kensington in the west, Canary Wharf in the east, Shoredich in the north and Southwark in the south.

Will Harnden, UK Broadband marketing director, also told TechRadar: "we will roll out to the whole of London and then to the rest of the UK" eventually.

He added that UK Broadband needed to wait until "the technology was right" before implementing a service that many of us would have hoped for some time ago.

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