John Lewis branches out into broadband

John Lewis branches out into broadband
Undersold, oversold, wombling free

Classic department store John Lewis has announced that it will be offering a broadband service, including a fibre option.

There will be three broadband options from the retailer, from the standard package all the way up to its super-fast fibre option.

The standard package gives you speeds of up to 16Mb and 20GB of monthly usage for £24.50 (which includes line rental and some calls) a month on a 12 month contract.


Next up is the unlimited broadband option, which comes with speeds of up to 16Mb but no monthly usage limits for £38.50 a month for 12 months.

Finally, the fibre package comes with up to 38Mb speed and 100GB monthly download limits for £38.50 a month (12 months).

You might be thinking that those prices aren't all that brilliant compared to some other broadband packages on the market – but John Lewis isn't bothered.

Telecoms manager Adam Brown explained, "John Lewis broadband gives customers an upfront and transparent price on a range of broadband and phone packages with no hidden terms and conditions, a simple 12 month contract with no hidden catches and the excellent customer service that we are renowned for."

If you have broadband with Waitrose or Greenbee then you'll be moving across to John Lewis Broadband at some point, given that the new offering replaces the two older options.

As Brown points out, the new service makes sense given that "over 80 per cent of all our consumer electronics sales are Wi-Fi enabled".

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