Huge savings on privacy - save up to 68% with NordVPN's Black Friday deal

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It's that time of year again, with both Black Friday deals and Cyber Monday deals offering massive value for money when it comes to bagging yourself with your latest security software. 

One of the first best VPN services to throw its hat into the ring is NordVPN, dropping its prices for all its plans. This means that users can now get a two-year subscription starting for just $2.99 per month

This generous VPN deal cuts up to 68% off its original pricing, including three months of full protection for FREE - no matter the type of plan you opt for. 

Running from today until November 30, below is everything you need to know about Nord's latest bargain deal. 

NordVPN's Black Friday VPN deals in full:

NordVPN's best deal: 2-year plan | from $2.99 a month | Save up to 68%

NordVPN's best deal: 2-year plan | from $2.99 a month | Save up to 68%

The two-year plan offers the best price you can get on the popular NordVPN, saving up 68% on its original pricing while enjoying three months FREE

Specifically, the Standard plan is discounted by 64%, working out at a tasty $2.99 per month. The Plus plan gets 62% off to reach a monthly $3.99 a month. However, its Complete security bundle boasts a 68% reduction, lowering down the equivalent monthly price to just $5.29 for the full Nord suite.  

Even better, you have up to a 30-day money back guarantee to try it out risk free. The offer ends on November 30.  

NordVPN: 1-year plan |$4.49a month | Save up to 59%

NordVPN: 1-year plan | $4.49 a month | Save up to 59%

If you feel that two years of commitment is a bit too much, you'll be happy to know that this year Nord is giving away amazing discounts also on its shorter plans. This means that even people subscribing for just one year can save up to 59% and enjoy three months FREE

So, Standard's subscribers will enjoy a 45% off, translating into a $4.49 monthly rate. Opting for the Plus plan will bag you a price of just $5.49 a month. For the Complete suite, a 59% discount will work out at just $6.79.  

Also in this case, you have up to a 30-day money back guarantee to try it out risk free. Or, you can always opt for its monthly subscriptions instead starting from $11.99.

NordVPN's discounted plans explained:

As mentioned before, this Black Friday and Cyber Monday NordVPN has decided to drop the prices of all the long-term plans into its offering. Both available for one- and two-year, these are the subscriptions you can choose from: 

  • NordVPN Standard. It includes its own secure VPN, a malware protection system and an ad/web trackers blocker software;
  • NordVPN Plus. Besides the aforementioned services, you will also get the protection of NordPass. This is Nord's very own password manager and data breach scanner; 
  • NordVPN Complete. You will have all the above tools together with 1TB of encrypted cloud storage for securing all of your most important files and documents. 

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What makes this NordVPN deal so good?

There are quite a few reasons why NordVPN is, perhaps, the most popular VPN on the market right now. 

A strict no-log policy and plenty of security features, for example, effectively secure your online privacy and data in transit against snoopers and malicious actors. Nice extras like its malware protection, ad-blocker, Double VPN option and latest addition Meshnet will make your protection even stronger. 

In terms of performance, NordVPN won't let you down either. During our last round of testing, the provider improved even further its speeds getting into the top six fastest VPNs with peaks of 820 Mbps when connected to its WireGuard-based NordLynx protocol and 470 Mbps with OpenVPN

Its huge array of international servers (more than 5,500 across 80+ locations worldwide) are designed to deliver a great unblocking power to bypass any types of online restrictions. It reached a 100% unblocking record in our last tests. This also makes NordVPN the perfect streaming VPN, unblocking foreign catalogs on basically all the platforms available. These include Netflix, BBC iPlayer, ITV, Amazon Prime, and Disney Plus.  

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