This might be our first look at the 4K-capable Chromecast Ultra

Your first look at the 4K-capable Chromecast Ultra

We're already gearing up for Google's big smartphone announcement next week, but it looks like a 4K-capable Chromecast is also set to make an appearance at the October 4 event.

Adding to the validity of the so-called Chromecast Ultra is a leaked image showing off Google's decked-out disk, courtesy of leaker extraordinaire Evan Blass.

Little seems to have changed on the outside, save for a swap of the Chrome logo on the front for Google's all-encompassing 'G' - perhaps in a move to merge the search giant's brands together, as seen in reports that Google's own Android may phase out Chrome OS.

Image Credit: Evan Blass

Image Credit: Evan Blass | VentureBeat

Logos aside, it's what's on the inside that counts, with the Chromecast Ultra reportedly capable of 4K resolution streaming and HDR television support. Both features make it a considerable upgrade over the original Chromecast's 1080p cap.

Pretty pictures ... pretty price?

The extra pixels comes at a premium, however, with the Ultra looking like it will cost $69 (about £55, AU$90), which is double the current Chromecast's $35 (£30, AU$49) price tag.

However, the extra cost isn't scary when compared to some pricier 4K-capable streaming solutions, like Nvidia's $199 (about £130, AU$255) Shield set-top box, or having to shell out $299 (£249/AU$399) for an Xbox One S or $399 (£349/AU pricing tba) for the PS4 Pro.

That said, devices like Amazon Fire TV, Roku 4, and the incoming Mi Box are capable of 4K streaming all within a relative neighborhood of $100 (about £77, AU$131), meaning the Chromecast Ultra may want to keep an eye on the competition when it has its formal unveiling in October.

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