Here's another hint Google's Pixel phones will support VR

Google takes teasing the Pixel phones to a whole new level

Google is gearing up to debut its Pixel and Pixel XL phones next month, and a recent marketing blitz hints once again the devices are bringing Daydream VR support along for the ride.

Let us explain: A global ad campaign, seen on building murals in New York City, a lights display in Cologne, and Google's own YouTube page, all feature the same four basic elements: a "G" logo, a #MadeByGoogle hashtag, the date of October 4 (when Google is holding its launch event), and the basic outline of a handset.

However, an intriguing installation that Google propped up in NYC's Brooklyn Bridge Park may be trying to communicate a little more, like say, the Pixel phones' ability to support mobile VR.

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Using the city skyline rather than a simple opaque background, the statuesque ad creates a sense of depth and looking into something vast - a common analogy for the sensation of entering another world through VR.

Adding to the subjectivity is an image seen in official event invites using a similar design philosophy. If you prefer something more concrete, reports have also stated that Pixel will feature the next-level Snapdragon 821 processor, making the devices primed for VR when Google finally puts Daydream into motion.

Pretty as a picture

Google is reportedly retiring the Nexus line starting this year, replacing its flagship phones with new ones designed in conjunction with HTC.

Though close to zilch has been officially shared of Google's new direction in smartphone-making, leaks of what appear to be the devices, now widely known as the Pixel and Pixel XL, show off a gesture-controlled finger scanner and distinctively large bezel. The larger Pixel XL may have also shown up inadvertently in a recent Nest commercial.

All will be made known on October 4 at 9am PT/12pm ET/5pm BT, when Google's event kicks off. Considering the search giant may be planning a launch of Daydream very, very soon, we won't be surprised if the virtual reality revolution becomes a "one more thing"-type reveal at Google's gathering.

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