Sony 4K Ultra HD Media Player pre-orders go live

Sony FMP-X10
Ultra HD for $200 less

The 4K revolution may be truly upon us now that Sony has finally slapped a price tag on its all-in-one Ultra HD media player, and is even offering consumers a $200 discount just for buying one in the next 60 days.

Sony announced pricing and availability for its FMP-X10, better known to home entertainment lovers as the 4K Ultra HD Media Player, which the consumer electronics giant first announced in mid-April.

Available for pre-order from Sony's online store, the unassuming second-generation black box carries a suggested retail price of $699.99, but early adopters can save a couple hundreds bucks between now and July 15.

The FMP-X10 can be had for a mere $499.99 for the next two months with free shipping kicking off July 14, after which point the device will be available from Sony stores and authorized dealers coast to coast.

Slim pickings

Featuring a 1TB internal hard drive, Sony's 4K Ultra HD Media Player allows US consumers to stream or download mega high-definition content to any compatible 4K television.

For now, that content is limited largely to Sony's own Video Unlimited 4K catalog, currently billed as "the world's largest library" of Ultra HD content with more than 200 titles, including recent box office hits such as American Hustle and The Monuments Men.

Sony also includes more than 50 4K television series at no additional charge, including ongoing episodes of NBC's The Blacklist.

Last but not least, the 4K Ultra HD Media Player offers subscription-based 4K content from Netflix, currently limited to the second season of original series House of Cards, but will likely become more expansive in the future.