Sony's 4K Ultra HD media player available now in the US

Sony Media Player
Little box of 4K treats...

The Sony FMP-X1 4K Ultra High-Definition media player, can now be ordered online in the US for $699.99 (approx £460, AUD$760), and will be on store shelves from July 15.

First shown at CES earlier this year, the media player will be compatible with Sony's 4K TVs and come preloaded with 10 films in 4K resolution including The Amazing Spiderman, Bad Teacher, Salt and The Bridge on the River Kwai.

However, the price of the media player and the current crop of 4K TVs available on the market may deter early adoption of the new technology, as will the lack of readily available 4K content.

Video Unlimited

Sony's answer for the lack of 4K content, besides the inclusion of the 10 films, is its planned Video Unlimited 4K content service.

Announced earlier this year, it will work as a video-on-demand service dedicated to 4K content. It will have movies and TV episodes, as well as short-form video in 4K Ultra HD available for 24 hours to rent (starting from $US7.99) or buy (starting from $US29.99).

Mashable is reporting that anyone who bought Sony's X900A 4K Ultra HD TV will get $200 off the media player price, and that they can check to see if their TV qualifies for access to Sony's premium 4K movie content.

Unfortunately, no availability dates or prices for the media player have been announced for any other region, so the rest of the world will have to look to the US with envy for the time being.

Via: Mashable