Get a huge 56TB NAS drive in today's most ridiculous Amazon Prime Day storage deal

Every year, the latest Prime Day deals bring us a discount or two that are so ludicrous they make you wonder who they're truly for. This year, that comes in the form of Western Digital MyCloud NAS devices that are available with up to 56TB of storage. For Prime Day, you can pick one up for just £1,999.99 – which is a big saving on its usual price of £2,597. 

Clearly, these devices are made for those with creative or business storage needs – but there are pleasure-related reasons you might want this kind of networked storage, too. Amazon's MyCloud sale includes 16TB and 32TB NAS devices, and along with the 56TB option, they all offer built-in transcoding for media – installing a Plex media server onto one of these means you can stream content to any device that gets the Plex app. That includes mobile devices, PS4 and many others. 

Check out our best NAS devices for more suggestions on networked storage solutions – we promise not all of them cost two grand. Still, if the thought of 56TB of storage you can access anywhere sounds compelling, check out Amazon's NAS discounts below. 

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WD My Cloud PR4100 NAS device | 16TB |£1,018.99£669.99 at Amazon

WD My Cloud PR4100 NAS device | 16TB | £1,018.99 £669.99 at Amazon
Amazon has a host of NAS devices from Western Digital discounted for Prime Day – most of which are focused on professionals rather than consumers. If you're looking to start your own Plex media server, though, networked storage with this kind of capacity might be what you're looking for. You can also get 32TB for a mere £999.99, itself a 34% saving.

WD My Cloud PR4100 NAS device | 56TB |£2,597.54£1,999.99 at Amazon

WD My Cloud PR4100 NAS device | 56TB | £2,597.54 £1,999.99 at Amazon
What on Earth are you planning to do with 56TB of networked storage? Starting your own Netflix competitor? Still, if spending two grand on an NAS drive is what makes your Prime Day worthwhile, go for it. This is aimed at professionals, rather than hobbyists. 

If we see anything else that looks this ridiculous in the Prime Day deals, we'll be sure to let you know.

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